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    What is Time, where does it exist?

    What is time? Interesting question, right? Please ponder over and come up with thoughtful, logical and descriptive answers to this thread. Suitable responses will receive enhanced points and cash rewards too. Members who have already posted a response can also give it another try though those already posted will also be considered for the rewards.

    We may define Time scientifically in various ways but still, its something which cannot be perceived. I cannot go & see Time in the Past or the Future, yet it is used to define both the Past & the Future.

    So where does it exist? Is it just an idea?
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    Time is very important in everything. For example if we want to organize a party we may have to set the time. That means when will the party will going to start according to time people would come to the part. So time will play the great role in every sector because without time how anyone can come to know when is the party will going to start.

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    Haha this brings back memories. One of my very first threads here was about Time. It was also my first TOW award winning thread.

    Should I be scientific here? Distance and time are inseparable in massive terms. That is why astronomical distances are termed as light years, distance travelled by light in an year. We live in a 3D world. Time and space are the fourth dimension that we cannot access. I would rather say we do not concretely understand that higher dimension. Time and distance are very much interlinked. Your past, your present, your future are extremely insignificant in terms of universe.
    Universe is 14 billion years old, with life beginning on Earth 3.8 billion years ago, humans(modern ones) sprung only 1 million years ago. You and I are tiny dots in this gigantic scale.
    We must remember that time is relative. You take a point as zero and start counting time from its very fundamental units. Seconds turn into hours, hours into years and years into epochs. Time is just a general understanding of relativity. It is to give us a fake certainity. Like I'm certain today is Wednesday. These certainities become basis for the lives we lead. Time isn't a physical object maybe. But it deeply signifies the pace of transformations around.

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    There are many definitions in Physics for time. They are very well discussed in many books and the students will be reading and understanding. This is not the place for the discussion. Any work we do we should have a measurement. For example, if you start walking from your house to a park by continuing numbers like 1, 2, 3 and so on and so forth. you reached the park when you have come up to 1000 in counting. Another person may come to the park from your house when he comes up to 950. To understand this concept a measurement scale is devised and it is called time. It is a relative number only. To have a better understanding of this gap required for completing a job this concept of seconds, minutes and hours were designed by the Scientist. It is like another standard unit for length, weight and so on.
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    Time is nothing but kaal chakra in Hindi . That means it cannot be seen, it cannot be described, but has the tryst with everyone of us. Those who respected the time, he got the success and even earned good money. Those who discarded to respect the time, they are late, they are abused in the society and they have no stance in the crowd. And those who are punctual they are always hailed and given most regard in the society. And time is such a thing, one has to go through it. Some are happy with good time , and many are sad with the bad time. But we have to accept the time as it is.
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    What we all know is chronological time, yesterday, today and tomorrow. This definitely helps us in planning things in our day to day activities. But what about psychological time?

    Psychological time is associated with the mind. There are thoughts and also gap between those thoughts. We always keep fluctuating between these thoughts. Thought is never of the present; its always of the past or the future. So, its the thought which takes us in time.

    Imagine a moment when there are no thoughts, where will be the Time then? Who will keep track of the Time.

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    Time is a very interesting parameter in nature and whatever way we measure it, it flows in a forward direction.

    For our convenience or ease of understanding the knowledgeable persons in the past have divided the day in 24 hours and we are following this unit of time. So it gives us a fixed comparison scale for the time passed. If 6 hours have passed we know that half a daytime has gone. We can also define the duration of the events.

    Time has no meaning by itself. It is the duration of an action or activity which gives it the importance.

    It takes few days to reach Moon but the rocket to Mars took months to reach there. Time is a comparative dimension.

    Time gone is gone. It can not be brought back. The limitation of time comes when actions are time bound and due to some reason they are not completed in time.

    The apparent flow of time comes from the solar system where we see sun rising every morning after a lapse of a day or around 24 hours. This gives us a calendar in which every day is going to be finished and a new day comes in force. Time is neither slow nor fast. It is the speed of the actions that we feel it so.

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    I can explain the time in very simple language. Take a close look at the wall clock. It is round and the two hands denote the time of that particular period. The watch trickles slowly from top to bottom and bottom to top. So what we learn here that time is the essence of life, which may give us the best things and happiness when we are in the top of the world during our achievements and our over confidence and selfish attitude and not reaching out to others would create a bad time for us as we tend to loose the reputation, earnings and thus we are made to realize the importance of time and saving.
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    The passage of time can only be felt, but time can't be pinpointed. It only flows, it is never stationary.
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    Time is a measurement of progression. From ancient period people divided the portion of the day from sunrise to sunset with some units, earlier they used Sundial to measure time and much later the clock came into existence. Now why Sundial was invented? Because since ancient times people noticed that sunlight is available for a particular period and they had to complete all their activities within that period only. After that it will be dark all over and they will face difficulties to perform tasks in the absence of light.

    After a child is born she/he is engaged in different activities throughout the life and obviously life has a limit. Within this specific limit, known as lifetime, a person manages a lot of things and all of these actions are separated with a unit known as time. It's true that we cannot see time, but it passes by. All our activities are bounded somewhere. Yes, all the activities are bounded by a thing called time. At a particular moment the activity starts and at another moment it ends. The starting and ending moment is measured in units which we call time.


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