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    A CBSE school with excessive discipline

    This is a true story. In a semi-urban location of Tamil Nadu, supported by the Management of a reputed auto ancillary company, is a CBSE school. The Principal is a level headed nice fellow, working so hard. His team of teachers are also very good. The school has a very good reputation.

    The recent problem relates to standards of discipline, as perceived a old-timer, the headmistress of the primary school within the same complex. She somehow convinced the Correspondent of the school that she could tackle matters related to discipline of all students,standard one to the plus two level students. It worked for a while when individual children were advised or punished and parents were counseled too.

    Recently, on the sports day, a few children of class ten, some eight or nine boys and girls, took a selfie and posted the same as "DP" in their whats up profiles. Nothing untoward happened, and even some parents appreciated this rather common thing.

    The "discipline" lady saw read. She summoned the class teacher -- a superb teacher of Mathematics -- and reprimanded her. The teacher responded that she had far better things to do, like improving standards of performance of students in mathematics, a vital subject. Moreover, it was just a group photo and there was nothing wrong with that. The howling of the "discipline" head continued. The teacher walked back to her class, but was emotionally disturbed. On the way, she fell down and had some injuries on her face and nose. She received immediate medical attention. But the entire episode became the talk of the school.

    Is this "excessive" discipline fine? Will such ridiculous control not lead to further problems? After all, it was just an innocent group photo, well known to parents too.
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    Too much is never advisable. Leaving everything freely is not correct and at the same time, too many restrictions are also not advisable. Everything should be within limits. Posting a group selfie as DP of a group is not that serious and I agree with the mathematics teacher's point on this particular issue. This incident unnecessarily caused some injuries to a sincere teacher. The "discipline" lady should be advised by the school management to be reasonable and inform her that the stick should be used judiciously but not freely. If you keep a cat in a closed room and try to beat it, it will retort back. The same situation should not come to the school. If this happens the entire discipline will go bad and no one will care for the so-called "discipline" lady.
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    Now a days there are heavy pressure on the parents and also the school management to mend the ways of the boys and girls are there over exposure to the social media may bring mixed results for the school reputation. By the way each school is having their own website and managed very well with photo gallery too and therefore there is no need for creating a separate group by the students and then take selfies, post on the group which might have invited wrath of the discipline madam. I appreciate the action of the discipline teacher to reprimand the class teacher over the behavior of select students. And I just cannot understand as to how the class teacher fell and injured herself something went wrong due to her absent mindedness for having reprimanded. School has the right to mend the ways of the teachers and also the students to protect their name and face and I wont find fault with them.
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