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    What are the things that should not be transferred from hand to hand directly?

    Interestingly, one of my relative girl asked for a safety pin. I took out a pin in my hand and asked her to take it. She refused to take it, and asked me to place it on the table. I asked her why so? She said,"If I take it directly from your hand, it would stain our relationship."

    Is it so? I remember few things that should not be transferred from hand to hand directly. The curry leaves is one such thing. Secondly, A knife or lethal weapon should also be not passed from hand to hand. Chunna(lime used with betal leaves for paan) also falls in this category.

    What do you say? Are there other things that cannot be transferred from hand to hand?
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    My mother and my wife firmly believe not to transfer green chilly from a person to other, because, according to them, it causes a nasty quarrel between the transferrer and transferee.
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    In our house, they always tell that we can't transfer Salt from one's hand to another's hand directly. They believe that the two parties involved in this exchange will get a difference of opinions in the coming future if they do so. Similarly, the oils can't be transferred from one to other directly. If a person takes oil directly from another person's hand, the person who took the oil will get transferred the effect of all the sins carried out by the giver to his account. So it is prohibited to receive oil from somebody's hand directly. Similarly, the Til seeds are also to be avoided from taking somebody's hand directly.
    Another belief is the parents should not receive money from their children directly hand to hand. But the other way round is acceptable.

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    What I understand and learned from the elders that we should not borrow or seek salt with hands. One has to keep that on the ground and then we should take it. Likewise bathing oil or the til ka tel, should not be taken hand to hand as it may escalate the debts. Even mirchi powder should not accepted directly and also the cutting scissors, should not be transferred hand to hand. And one more thing, when we are giving things to some one either donation or for time bound help. either we should cross the threshold of our house or they should be called inside the house and the things be given.
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    Depends on how you take this. Doing hand shake is a professional touch when in business or to someone you are very close to. But considering the Indian culture we are opposed to of this kind. In addition, the scenario wherein there is someone if got infected then we need to take the precautions so as not to get spread. In the mentioned incidence, there seems to the insecure feeling lies with the other person or may be the other person is not open minded to accept such relationship.

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