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    Who was your favourite: Karan or Nidhi?

    We can say both were neighbours. One from Kerala and another from Tamil Nadu. Both were very popular. Both started taking part in social service (read politics) from a very young age. Both remained politically active for a very long time. Both were immensely popular in their own state. Both had kindness ('karuna') associated with their names.

    Both became Chief Minister of their own state more than once. Both worked hard for the benefits of their own children.

    There were many similarities between them. Who was your favourite? Karan or Nidhi? Or may I say, Karunakaran or Karunanidhi?
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    As a Tamil, I would say that Karunanidhi (Nidhi)is my favourite. Karunanidhi, apart from being a great politician like Chanakya, he was a great lover of Tamil. Tamil was his breath until he took his last breath. He was an excellent orator, writer, poet. Whereas, Karunakaran (Karan) was not like Karunanidhi. We cannot compare Nidhi with Karan.

    Karunakaran was an MP in Rajya sabha, but Karunanidhi was never an MP.

    @Fortunately, they both are from same community. While Karunakaran belongs to Marar community(Temple musician) Karunanidhi belongs to Isai velelar(Kambar) (Musician) community. Kambar was a great poet and is the author of Ramayanam.

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    What I understand from my own observation so far that no can draw parallel or compare the abilities and knowledge level of Karunanidhi with that of Karunakaran. There is no doubt that Karunakaran was the four time Chief Minister of Kerala and acted as King maker in Delhi during the crisis inside the Congress. For example he was instrumental in bringing PV Narsimha Rao after Rajiv was killed and thus dynasty jinx was broken for the first time. Where as Karunanidhi has been consistent in his winning spree, who had five times CM chair in Tamil Nadu but also had considerable wield in the national politics. Such is the power of Karunanidhi that with hand full of MPs from sometimes , it became crucial for the center to survive and got the plum post in the central cabinet and that is really commendable.
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    Both of them are having their own ways and ideologies. I don't think we can say one is superior and the other is inferior. Both of them played a very important role in their states and they had their influence in the central politics also. Personally, I am not having any special attraction towards any one of these two. Karunanidhi never represented the state in LS or RS. But Karunakaran represented.
    Karunanidhi was having a talent for writing also and he worked in cine filed also. He came to politics from Cinema field. Both of them are having their own merits and demerits.

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