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    Please review my articles

    Two of my articles have not been approved yet. I thought it would be hasty of me to request this soon but I saw that articles published as recently as 16th August are being approved, whereas my articles were submitted by then or before then. Can editors kindly review these articles?

    How and why are dolphins so smart
    Human origins explained
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    Gone through both the articles and found to be good. The Dolphin article was submitted on 7th Aug and and the next article was hoisted on 16th Aug. Both needs to be given attention by editors.
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    I think both te articles are of the special subject and are in the process of review. Once my article also published after a long time the reason was it was related to special subject. So, I thing your articles are also in queque and published when specialsit of the subject will approve it. It is my opinion let wait for the response of the editors.
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    Hi Aditya,

    Your articles have been reviewed now. We will review everyone's post and so please be patient. Don't waste your time for checking whether the articles have been reviewed or not. You can utilize those time for selecting new topics and preparing them.

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    Thank you Asha.
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