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    Are Funds Used Effectively to Rehabilitate The Flood Victims?

    The Kerala floods have caused havoc in the state, It is a very sad scenario to be seen in our lifetime.
    We become so helpless when we face such a situation in our country. But, what is to be seen is the process of rehabilitation. Are the funds utilized sincerely and effectively for the victims of the flood-hit region, this should be the priority and the main concern for the administration.

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    This is the main doubt lingering in every ones mind. People are ready to donate for the cause , but what is the use it does nor reach the needy. The people of Kerala are battered with floods and they does not need clothes. They need cash and other important basics to cope with immediately. Most of the homes are damaged and the doors were uprooted. The electrical lines snapped and the drainage chocked. So for these, plumbers, carpenters and electricians are required in large numbers and government must see that essential prices are not escalated. It would prudent on the part of government to release white paper on funds received and being spent.

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    As our system is very notorious in the finance management all the public are having a similar doubt in the back of their minds. What percentage of the funds collected are being used properly for the rehabilitation of the flood victims? The expenses will definitely be escalated and shown. But at least 90% of the funds are used for the noble cause is the question. I think many people are ready to donate more than what they have donated but for this doubt. A human being should be able to understand the plight of the people who suffered a lot because of these floods. Then they will not do any dishonest acts. If they fail to understand they will stoop down to the other means. I hope that good sense will prevail in the people who are at the execution level and see that the funds are properly used and the really deserving people will get all possible help so that they will get some relief from the difficulties they are facing.
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    A very legitimate question has been raised by the author. But under the present circumstances, we, the common people, are not in a position to check that. The position regarding proper distribution of relief materials, food items and money will come into light at least after 15 days.

    However, we must say that the communist parties have the tradition of playing politics regarding the distribution of relief materials and money after disasters.

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    A valid doubt and genuine question from the author. For everything there is a middleman who would play the game. In the demonetization case, the bank played the role of the middlemen, and most of the bank staff have made their booty. The personnel accommodated in relief camps said to be many lacs. Various medias reported various numbers in lacs. What is the real number is not known. There could be some binami list prepared by the head of the village, tahsil etc to get their booty.

    We will come to know when the Keralites make a noise after a month that they have not been cared by the government. I am sure, many would cry and make a noise against the government. This will be an advantage to the opposition party who will help them to make more and more noise. Let us wait and watch.

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    Thanks a lot for your valuable responses friends. Yes, a transparent mechanism should be developed in the country where such funds could be audited and be available to be seen by the common people to know the reality. This will help in creating a corruption-free system in our nation.

    Good Luck Friends!

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    Let the government & the administrative bodies do its jobs without any interference. There is no denying the fact that anything could be possible but this is what the best which we can do. Take it on a positive note & don't politicize the matter.

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    The proper distribution of fund money and making it available to the needy is always a matter of concern. It primarily depends on the culture of that particular country or area and the overall governance in the system.

    In an honest and fair system there are no irregularities but in some places there are dishonest and crooked people handling these aids and funds and they do a lot of manipulations in the distribution of these financial or material aids and many times it does not reach the needy person.

    If the system is corrupt and there are no checks and cross checks, it becomes difficult to nab these dishonest people and punish them. Due to this they are encouraged to do such misdeeds more and more.

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