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    Deluge breaks the man made barriers in all respect.

    Kerala witnessed one of the greatest flood which has broken all barriers man made or natural. Now after the flood has started subsiding the people are going back to their homes from the shelters. Now the problem faced by the victims is cleaning or rebuilding their abodes. This is a very tedious job, which can only be done with the help of experts.
    It is reported that all the people, irrespective of caste/ religion are joining in this strenuous job. Most of the houses are now reported to be filled with mud, waste materials and above all snakes of various types. Hence cleaning has to be done with much care.

    However, there are certain reports which highlight the magnanimity of human minds. The religious barriers are seen broken there. At least two temples which are inundated in the deluge are being cleaned by groups of Muslim youth volunteers. One case is reported from Wynad district and the other from Palakkad district. This indicates when difficulty comes there are no religious or caste differences existing among people.
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    It is true and that is where the human nature will dominate the other natures in the minds of the people. I have seen many times people sharing the problems and difficulties of others when they are in need. They will never ask the victim about his caste or religion before helping them. They may ask when the victim is recovered but not before that. In our village, there are three Muslim families. Their three house are in a row and they mingle with all others very happily and other people also are very good to them. Once there was a fire accident in the house of one of the three Muslim houses. The whole village gone there and helped them and seen that there was no human loss and other losses were as minimum as possible. All the families in the village helped them in rebuilding their house. Such is the nature of the people.
    Anyhow Keralites will come out of the shock, join hands together in rebuilding their state and help each other to come to normalcy at the earliest. I hope and wish God will help them in their rebuilding endeavour.

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    The God created men irrespective of religion and caste wants to live together happily. But the politicians of our country try to break them and divide them for personal gain. Allah, Jesus, Shiva, Buddha, Jain are the same with a different look. God is one available to us in different forms. I have Muslim families with whom we maintain good relationship. Our relationship goes as father, mother, son and daughter. Even we have the right to abuse each other. It is a many century old relationship that we have adopted.
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