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    What is life all about?

    I see very categorically that I was born and therefore have to die someday. It could be tomorrow or years later but it's inevitable.

    So whatever I have done so far or will do or accomplish now; will not last eternity. Whatever I accumulate in terms of wealth, luxury, knowledge or achievements; are not going to stay with me forever.

    So what is LIFE all about? What did I come here?

    Even If I live for 100 years, I am still going to do the same things over & over again. If all this struggle or effort is for nothing, why so much fuss?

    If everything is transient; & if I should struggling (as long as I am in this body), what should I struggle for? What is the meaning of this Life?
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    Duplicate post and posted two times probably by mistakes. I hope editors will lock this thread as the other one is posted before this.
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