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    3 ways to live your life peacefully..

    There are only 3 ways to live. (1) Question Everything; (2) Accept Everything & (3) Reject Everything.

    When we question everything; it is the path of an intellectual, a path of learning. When we accept everything; it is the path of a devotee, complete surrender to God. And lastly, when we reject everything; it is the path of an atheist, a disbeliever.

    No matter which way we choose, we will be at peace because there won't be any conflict within.

    However, there is one more way to live (our own creation) and that is the path of confusion; when we fluctuate between the above 3 states.

    We never admit that this state is a state of confusion; rather smartly fluctuate according to our convenience & benefit. Sometimes we question, sometimes we accept & sometimes we reject.
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    Any issue is to be analysed and then to take a decision whether to accept or reject or question. But questioning everything or accepting everything or rejecting everything without understanding or thinking about the issue is not correct. A devotee may believe in God and feel everything will happen as per the decision of the God. But he should not leave everything saying that God will take care of the issue. Any God believing person also keep a light in the wind and leave to God. He has to see that it will not get put off.
    If there is a theft, we will not leave it thinking that God will save us. We have to go to police station, give a complaint and follow up with then so that the case will be finalised. So we should decide whether to accept or reject or question the issue based on the issue. It can't be considered as a confusion.

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    Question anything that you don't know or understand.
    Accept anything when you don't have them.
    Reject anything when you have them.

    Life will be easier, happier and peaceful.

    No life without Sun

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