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    What do we know about FAITH?

    I was just pondering over the word – FAITH.

    It's an appealing word, we all are familiar with. It means – Strong belief or trust in something. However, any Belief, Faith or Trust, after all is a crutch. We use it whenever we are uncertain.

    We have faith that God exists, because that's the best we can do. We don't know anything about God and therefore Faith comes in. We never say that - I have faith that my Father exists; because you are certain of his existence.

    Faith implies certitude (assurance) where there is no evidence or proof. Faith is as blind as Blind-Faith.
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    Faith is almost the same as that of belief. Certain points we can't prove and we can't reject. Such places we use this word faith. I believe he will not do it. The fact is not known. But we have faith in that particular person that is why we are believing that he will not do that. If we are sure about a certain issue we need not say we have faith and we can say it is true and existing. Faith comes from the experience and understanding you have with the other person. If a person takes a loan from you and returns to you in time you will have faith in him that he will return the money once he has the money. That is your faith. Next time there is no guarantee that he will give you in time. But with experience you had you have faith in him.
    In this world, many works and relations will continue with the factor of faith only. When you entrust some work to somebody by giving advance indicates that you have faith in that particular person that he will not run away with the money without completing the work.

    always confident

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    "Faith" is the intense feeling of "believing" & therefore the "faith" can be described as the most desired way of showing your respect towards your deity or something which comes from within or from beneath yourself.

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    Hi, For me faith is not strong belief or trust. Faith is more than that. In my opinion faith is feeling that we experienced so many times. To simplify, We have a faith on our breath that's why we never though of it all the time that we forget to take breath. It is like we saw this universe that it exists since last infinity number of years that generates the feeling of faith on us that it will continue to exist. Everyday we wake up because of faith not belief. Where as belief is for that thing that we never saw, hear or feel. So in my point of view faith has association with feelings and belief has something that we actually never feel but continue with it because of various conditioning we have. For faith we need no one because its simplify my own but to have belief we need everyone's opinion that how weak or strong it is? It is a belief that god exists for theist and it is a belief that god doesn't exist for atheist. Faith is the surrender of empty beliefs.

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    Faith is nothing but what you have been made to believe. Every one was born in a faith and that is made to believe and follow from the childhood and thus we are habituated to talk about our faith, and the trust reposed on it. By the way faith also supported by the past , on going and future things which are going to occur. How our fore fathers have been benefited in the past following a faith and how the present situation also gets support from the same faith and trust. One thing is sure, as long as faith and trust goes hand in hand, no one can be changed from their present stature nor they can be diverted.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Faith is the substance of things hoped for. It is the evidence of things not seen. That is how it is described in Bible. in earthly terms, it is like you having a registered, stamp paper describing ownership of property or vehicle in your name. It is undeniable, and it is proof that the item belongs to you. It is the same in spiritual side of things. When God gives a promise of peace, protection, wisdom, supply or solution to us via his word in the scripture, it means we are allowed to claim 'ownership' of that particular thing we need.

    Faith doesn't come just like that. It comes by hearing and studying the word of God. If we keep stuffing our minds with the abundance of promises offered us via the media or people who promise us this, that and the other, we are bound to find disappointment. If we believe the promises of acquiring bliss and freedom by taking loans to satisfy immediate luxuries, counting on the promise by lenders that they will help you readjust the payback, we find ourselves to be slaves to dictum of others.

    On the other hand, God has proved to be trustworthy, and in spite of our own doubts and unbelief, his word and promises stand strong in our favor when we finally decide to claim them trusting God to do his part. There is this chapter 11 in the book of Hebrews that gives a brief write up on many people who took the steps of faith believing in the unseeable.

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