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    I am Ordinary & therefore Extraordinary

    "Extraordinary is one, who has renounced all the desires to be special and has become too simple & too Ordinary"....

    What is your opinion?
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    Some are ordinary in some aspects and the same are extraordinary in some other aspects. No one can be extraordinary in all aspects. Some students may be ordinary in mathematics but they may be extraordinary in the science subject. So it is not correct to think one should be an ordinary man to become extraordinary in his life.
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    Such a person who renounced all the desires and have become simple and ordinary can only be a Saadhu or Sanyasi, not extraordinary. Such a Saadhu and Sanyasi's are cowards who cannot cope up with marital life on earth.
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    Extraordinary is laying the footstone for future. It could something as simple as giving a hat a new color or inventing a music genre altogether. Life must have one goal. To create something extraordinary before the final departure. Extraordinary means to be one of a kind. The beginner in a new path.
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    When someone doesn't know the whole truth or the fact, only then criticism comes into play.

    To renounce all the desires or rather say, to go beyond all the desires, is a very rare phenomenon. It appears that the Sadhu or the Sanyasi renounces the world (family), but in fact he is the only one who embraces all. He doesn't become indifferent, he becomes impartial.

    His state is beyond description. Cowards clings to material life, Brave people don't.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    Saadhus and Sayasis are those who don't get well with their wife and children, who cannot earn, who cannot adjust with others. They lead a beggars life or cheat others and lead a luxury life. I can quote many such Saadhus and Sanyasis counting the bars now. Anyway, the thread is to discuss extraordinary. I would agree with Aditya Mohan's statement.
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    What we feel that those who are following us and sync with our ideas are good and acceptable and that is also considered as ordinary. But when some persons behave strangely among the lot, we feel uncomfortable with them and brand as extra ordinary. So it all depends on our thinking lines and brand the person as ordinary or extra ordinary. For example among the politicians of present era, while other chief ministers of the India are normal and get going with the center, the WB chief minister Mamta Banerjee wont cooperate and always comes with excuse or not implementing the center directive. So she is extra ordinary.
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    If we go by the meaning, it means - someone with no special or distinctive features; someone who is normal. And therefore extraordinary is one who is Extra- Ordinary, that is, one who is too simple, too ordinary, too normal.

    We are not normal human beings, we are too complex, we are to cunning, too rigid, too much inclined towards this or that. We are always trying to achieve something, trying to be somebody with Name, Fame or Status & yet want to be treated as Extraordinary.

    What is so extraordinary about all this, this is too common. To be extraordinary, one should have the courage to walk alone, to give up all the prejudices, to go beyond all attachments & yet serve all human beings with no pride in oneself, with no sense of achievement.

    To be Ordinary is too difficult. It means to live without "I".

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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    If a man can renounce the materialistic pleasures and adopts a simple life and goes to live in a remote corner of the Earth then he is no ordinary soul. He is more than extraordinary.

    The main traits and aspect which differentiate between ordinary and extraordinary are - greed, jealousy, enemity, lust, grudge, ill feeling, arrogance, aggressiveness etc.

    If we find someone lacking these characteristics, we can say that he is extraordinary.

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