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    Why are we so serious all the time?

    Why are we so Serious?

    I rarely see smiling faces these days. It seems seriousness is in trend and considered more professional. Ebullient & humorous behavior is deemed as taboo.

    I feel seriousness reinforces arrogance & therefore cannot be a virtue. It weakens the spirit & makes you exhausted. Whereas humor strengthens humility, lifts the spirit & invigorates you. So don't be Serious, celebrate life and don't let this world adulterate your fortitude.
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    Once a person gets married, the problems galore start one after other. Now that he has additional responsibility to look after his wife, reach her expectations, consider her demands, then after some months, another member in the family arise through a new child born. So the problems escalate for the man who has to increase his earning potential and cope up with over time earnings and part time jobs. All this intricacies of life, makes the person very serious in his dally routines which bring irritation and not smiles on the face. Nevertheless winner are those who cope up with all movements of life and yet smile for a while.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we face some problems it will really influence in our life. So I think thats the reason why we get serious in sometime.

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    Seriousness is the manifestation of our concentration and mental planning for something in our life or analysing some issue ourselves.

    It is simply a phase of life. Many people can not concentrate for various jobs as per their responsibilities and they have to be serious if they want t to remember all these things and complete them in the stipulated time.

    On the contrary there are joyful people who sometimes are careless also and believe that things will be taken care if not today then tomorrow. Due to this they face many problems also but they do not care and remain merry- go-round type.

    Knowledge is power.

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