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    A question for all the teachers.

    I have a question for all the teachers, please answer thoughtfully:

    When a teacher delivers a lecture in a class of (say) 50 students, he or she delivers it with an intention that every student understands the concepts thoroughly. Still we observe variation in student's performance.

    Q.1 When the lecture was delivered impartially, then why this difference in performance?

    Q.2 What should a student do, to improve his performance?
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    Pandavas were five in number. Whatever food was cooked half of that was being eaten by Bhima and the remaining half was being eaten by the remaining four. Why so? Their mother is only cooking. The taste of the food is the same and the same food is served to all the five. Is it concerned with the individual or the mother or the food? The appetite and capacity of Bhima were very high and the other's were having less appetite and capacity when compared to Bhima. This is the trait of the individual. Nothing to do with the cook or food quality.
    Same is the case regarding teaching also. The understanding capacity of the individual student varies from person to person. A student will grasp the subject very fast and another may take some time to understand and absorb. The IQ levels and thinking capacities will vary from person to person.
    A good teacher will teach the lesson in such a way that the person who is having lowest absorbing and understanding capacity will also understand the lesson. But all teachers can't do that.

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    Agreed Sir.

    But then what is IQ & how is its level decided? And which factors decides the thinking or learning capacities of a student?

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    #646068. For this question, you have already raised a separate thread for which link is given below. Many responses were there. Your doubt will get clarified once you go through that thread.
    this thread

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