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    What is this fad for new foods?

    Recently I read about a frozen dessert called 'Dragon Breath'. I found that this is basically an ice cream infused with liquid nitrogen. It is to be consumed carefully otherwise there is a risk of damage to the tongue as well as inner organs starting from oesophagus and stomach lining. People are going for it because it is a new craze where as soon as it is taken in mouth, it produces boiling nitrogen and gives an spectacular effect of breath of a dragon.

    There have been cases of injury suffered by the people who are taking this dessert and in spite of that it seems that it has become a new fad in big towns.

    What is this fad for new foods? Especially such dangerous ones? What do you think about this?
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    The people especially young people are crazy. For them, anything new is most welcome. They hesitate to accept anything old. I have also read recently about this 'Dragon Breath'.
    Dragon's Breath will be made by dipping cereal in liquid nitrogen. When placed in the eater's mouth, it produces vapours which comes out of the nose and mouth, giving the dessert its name
    Liquid nitrogen will be used in many food items. This is useful to quickly freeze them or for the vapours it produces. Its consumption is dangerous to people. The extremely cold temperature can cause damage to human tissue, and the displacement of oxygen by nitrogen can cause asphyxiation.
    Many untoward incidents are reported happened to the consumers while they are having this food. This type of foods are not user-friendly and should not be consumed.

    always confident

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