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    Do you have any problem to Complete full KYC for paytm ?

    Can you use pre-paid card for e-wallet that is paytm? You should complete your full details with KYC at particular date. The convenient and alternative is possible for all users that id Paytm. It is more popular and all related process will be done with success. Companies must be covert their all payments with normal functions. The requirment and some of remittances to be follow for that. First you should send your mobile number to 9225660070 that already registered give space and 12 digit Aadhaar number. Visit website and enter with portal mobile number as registered. For more details click the panseva.com
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    This process can't be completed fully online. You have to visit the nearest PayTM authorised shop for doing the KYC of PayTM. I have done everything online. The message finally I received from PayTM is to complete the process you have to visit the nearest PayTM office. Then I have gone to the authorised shop near our house and the biometrics were verified and then the KYC process is completed. Going to the nearest PayTM centre is mandatory in the process of completing g your KYC with PayTM.
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    Dr Rao,

    I beg to disagree with you on the point that it is mandatory to visit Paytm's KYC center for completing one's KYC with PayTM. I never visited any Paytm's KYC center. An executive from Paytm came to my office & I got my KYC done at my office only.

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