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    Are you in agreement in your conduct?

    Possibly this could be the most difficult question for which we can't be 100% correct. I am saying so because we are always having complaint with others & in a way that others are found to be guilty & improper in their conducts but it's not easy to settle this with ourselves. To its major part we found ourselves to be ok with what we observe & what we follow but instead & in case of some misleading or unfortunate circumstances we often try to justify ourselves or as an option available we go on blaming others so as to keep distance from any kinds of conflicts.

    How far does the member agree with me onto this?
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    Throwing the blame on others is always the easiest way than accepting our mistakes. We should have the confidence to accept our mistakes. We see many people sharing the credit for any success of work even though the actual work is done by others. But if it is a failure, nobody will come forward to take the ownership of the failure. This is the general mentality of the majority of the people. It requires a lot of guts to accept our mistakes.
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    Yes, it's always easy to hold someone else culpable if something goes wrong & really difficult to hold oneself responsible.

    There are two reasons for it – (1) It takes tremendous amount of courage to admit that it was your fault; (2) It needs intelligence to introspect oneself.

    If I somehow apprehend that my behavior or conduct is wrong or if I realize that I am at fault, I would definitely stop right away and amend myself. That would solve the entire problem.

    But the question is - why do I fail to see my misconduct? Who will see that misconduct? Is not the mind itself misconducting & then trying to find its own fault?

    It like being the thief & the police at the same time. Whoever is powerful, will prevail. Likewise, we have good & bad thoughts floating in our mind all the time. Eventually, that thought wins, who became more powerful by our constant focusing on it.

    Therefore, we need to focus on good thoughts & strengthen them, so that they can fight the bad ones.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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