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    By rejecting donations offered by other countries for Kerala, what message Modi govt conveys ?

    Kerala now wants whooping support financially and morally and Individual contributions through CM relief fund is poring in besides 600 crore initial assistance from Modi Government. Apart from Indians contributions, there are countries which has come forward to donate liberally and UAE has to be complemented here for pledging 700 crores and other countries are also eager to help. But the latest directive from Modi government rejecting the offer of support through donation really baffled every one in general and affected Karalites in particular. What you want to say ?
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    The foreign aid has always turned out to be "penny wise, pound foolish". For a few crumbs here and there, we get to lose a lot in the long term. This is why the major parties in India have avoided going with the begging bowl to the outsiders.

    UAE still has plenty of ways to help Kerala. They could invest in the state through FDI and FII routes. Their companies could set up greenfield factories in the state or bid road contracts for rebuilding the state. If the quality fits, they could import products from Kerala companies. They could also buy and transfer technology to the state in building new kinds of homes, water purification etc. it is often prudent not to accept aid that often comes with hidden strings attached.

    Every government that has ruled India in the past 15 years has had the same view — whether it is BJP + coalition in 2003, Congress + Communists in 2004, Congress in 2013 or BJP in 2018: The policy has been consistent for all states across India. There is no reason to turn this into internal politics.

    If you want to help, invest in new opportunities and trade. Visit as a tourist. Spread the positives that happen there. And countries like the Maldives giving us some paltry sum is more insulting than helpful. They have snubbed India a lot in the recent past and there is no way we can see their $50000 as an act of kindness. Had we taken the money, they will rub it on for a long time as though our existence depended on that. And it is not as though UAE has wired us the money and it sits in the bank. What is quoted was a proposal and given how Governments function, it might take a long time to reach if at all.

    In short, there is a strong reason why India has avoided foreign aid during calamities for a long time.

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    This is really a pathetic attitude of Mr.Modi's BJP government to deny the needy State to get required funds to bring back the situation to normalcy. When the government is not able to provide adequate funds how it is justified to deny through which is getting a helping hand. Like any other country when some other country is in need of help we are providing our helping hand to them. As UAE is got benefited by the immense services of Keralities, the UAE king came forward to help them in their need is in no way contradictory. Refusing a helping hand where the government is not able to reach the needs of the people is not praiseworthy.

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    I think it is not the first time it happened. Earlier times also by other governments also the same strategy followed. It is not that Modi government only did it for the first time. No one will come forward to gift you crores of rupees without any link. Probably this donation may lead to some other obligations from our side to that country. To avoid such problems only the government might not have accepted foreign aids.
    The government is encouraging foreign investment in India. So whatever money they want to donate can be invested in this country so that our people will get employment and the government will get some money in the form of taxes and the investors will also get benefitted. This is business but not a donation.
    There are many ways they can help the people. They can encourage these people to come and work in their countries so that they will get stability in their lives. These will be more helpful in the long run than giving some money.

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    Rejecting the donations (offered to Kerala) by other countries, might mean that we are capable enough to handle this catastrophe. Also, this gesture should not be considered as a sign of disrespect to those countries.

    We are in this together, we have to face this calamity together as a family & have to learn whatever lessons the Mother Nature intends to teach us.

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    In the mean time we do require more hands then more money & so in this context we do have enough resources disguised in the form of our defense teams like the army, navy & air force. In addition, we got other organizations working altogether in order to normalize the situation here like the RSS & the NGO's which should get the appreciations from all of us. The people can also come up with others too if in their knowledge. Money can't serve all the purposes but only to an extent the citizen of India is doing good enough so as to be independent of any outside support. The Modi government has taken a bold step by refusing for the financial assistance from the UAE as in fact we didn't required of this but instead this shows us the commitment of the ruling party towards solving its own problems.

    We have created a different impression to the world platform which wouldn't have been possible if we had accepted the money. The small thinkers don't having the capacity to think of that level.

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    India is a country with second large population in the world. We have many crores of rich Indians. If we cannot help ourselves to restore normalcy and rehabilitate the flood affected people, who else can do it? Though Modi has refused to accept the foreign aids, he will have to ensure that Kerala returns to its original shape by providing enough relief fund to Kerala. Rs. 600 crore is not sufficient for the state to rehabilitate its people. Modi should think well and act.
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    I sincerely feel that India is itself capable of taking care of flood-ravaged peoples' rehabilitation. We don't need outside help. We must stay united, work sincerely and check that not a single paisa of donation is wasted. We must see that every small amount of relief material is properly utilized. If we work hard, if we work honestly, we can take care of our brethren. Kerala will definitely return to its normal self within one year.
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    Let us hope the Government of India will take care of the entire cost of rebuilding works of Kerala from their funds. It is good indeed if they do it and as early as possible.
    The political parties mainly the BJP and the Congress accept funds from foreign companies and through bonds anonymously from the industrialists in India. The BJP has amended the FCRA with a retrospective effect very recently. These political parties do not have any shame in accepting them and amending the rules when indicted by the High Court. Why do these parties feel it inappropriate to accept foreign funding when they themselves receive funds? Are there no strings attached to these donations? Are these donations not going to influence the policies of the Government?

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    The cat is finally out of the bag! When the Centre and the Kerala Government are at loggerheads over financial aid announced by United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the rehabilitation of the flood-ravaged state, UAE Ambassador Ahmed Albanna told a newspaper that there has been no official announcement so far by the Gulf country on any specific amount as financial assistance.

    Members! Please note.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    So this seems to be one more fake news created by the vested interest to force the center to escalate the assistance to state.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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