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    How long will it take for Kerala to become normal?

    Even those who have nothing to do with the Kerala floods will be shocked to see the devastation. Here, in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere, particularly in the city of Coimbatore, people are very much worried about the number of days that it will take for Kerala to become normal once again.

    The first reasoning is the suffering of the people. Those in camps have to be taken care of. The voluntary help is even better than the Government. Teams of doctors have already landed there from T Nadu and elsewhere to offer medical assistance. It is high time for Corporate Hospitals like Apollo to show that they care for the society. If there are some terminally sick patients for whatever reason, the likes of Apollo should treat them free at Chennai an other hospitals too.

    The second reason is commercial. There is a huge amount of trade between the two States. For example, the fresh banana chips from Palghat is a big hit in some many surrounding towns like Pollachi. People are really worried.

    Since we do not as yet know the exact position, those with full knowledge please do so. On our part, we will mobilize even more doctors and nurses to help the needy.
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    By seeing the worst floods in recent time and the amount of water which has flown from all parts of the places in Kerala , I presume it would take much more days for things to become normal as there is no place to flush out the water and after flushing the water, the slush has to be removed, otherwise it would prove fatal to the walking people and also slippery to the vehicles. All these needs special attention from the civic authorities and I am afraid the civic authorities with meager staff cannot attend to all places on war footing. So my estimate of things coming to normal if further rains are not forecast would be 6 months.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have already stated in another response that if we can ensure that every paisa of donation is utilized properly and if the relief materials are distributed to the needy; if we work unitedly for our brethren of Kerala, the state will return to its normal self within one year.
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    How many threads on the same incident. The Editors might have pinned one thread and advised all the members to post matters related to Kerala floods in that thread. Daily we are seeing more than 5 threads on the same issue in one way or the other. Getting confused.
    Coming to the question of how long. All that depends on the officials and the government. In one of the earlier threads, I mentioned the efforts taken by AP CM and the officials in restoring normalcy in Visakhapatnam in 2014 when the city suffered heavy loss due to the cyclone. In no time normalcy was restored.
    The major issue now is that the money collected in the form of donations should be spent very judiciously and should not get wasted or diverted and everybody should see that the maximum help can be given to the state. Then the entire process will become fast.

    always confident

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    As not much rains have been there for the past three days, and the dam shutters of most of the dams are down, the water level has receded in most flood affected areas.
    Now most of the people have returned or revisited their homes. In mot homes the entire place is filled with dirt and muck. For many furniture and fixtures have been affected by water seepage.

    Yesterday when I was travelling, I saw people cleaning the houses, front and backyards, roads etc. The wet and damaged things including clothes and furniture were spread outside under sun to dry.

    Stil many agencies governmental ,non-governmental and well intention ed individuals) are doing all kinds of help. Now the help and support has shifted to supply of materials to restart their routine life. One family from a nearby affected area in my town has received such a help.
    One kind individual had sponsored that rehabilitation kit containing a LPG stove, groceries and provision for a home sufficient for one month, three thousand rupees, mats, bed sheets, saris, T shirts, buckets soap, etc etc.
    Government has made arrangements for rehabilitation help for those needy.

    The cleaning may take another two two three days to bring back the homes to a minimum cleanliness for routine usage.

    So it is expected that in about three or five days most people will back in their homes and would have started with minimum essential routine. Hope that rains and nature will also help. But for some the life may not be the same again. Many people and many sectors may feel the effect for months to come.

    We can pray that God forbid such happenings in future and people also become wiser not to act in a way causing factors for such disasters.

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    The rehabilation and repair work, in the aftermath of the natural calamity, takes a significant time and it is only after a few months time that things may come back to normalcy.

    There are basic things which require attention in the first place and that is repair of water lines and electric lines. After this the herculean task of road repairs starts. Meanwhile the return of people from camps to their houses starts. As many houses are damaged there should be some make and shift type of arrangement to be done for such people.

    Next comes the livelihood. As for some time the jobs do not reappear and so the free food and utilities are to continued. In plane worlds as the life has shattered the help is to be continuously provided till alternative arrangements are in place. The supply of medicines and supply of huygiene and cleanliness related materials are very critical at such times. The dumping of garbage is another challenge as roads are not there to transport it and there is a danger of spreading of diseases.

    In such times what counts is a good Govt governance coupled with local NGO support and local public participation.

    Knowledge is power.

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