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    Indian films: can biopics create a good difference?

    There is an ongoing discussion in the Ask Experts section as to whether the Multiplexes are better than single screen theaters. In the ultimate analysis, for a movie to be a hit, it should be absorbing. It should engage the audiences. Even in action movies, after Sholay, we have not had any movie with such an absorbing story line and brilliant acting.

    Be that as it may, one understands that biopics are in the making. About Jayalalitha, Modi and so many other personalities. Will these actually show the corruption of the Queen of Corruption is a big question mark. The loot of sand by the ruling party mafia, the illegal trade, is still one of the worst forms of corruption in Tamil Nadu.

    Can the biopics reflect such realities and bring out both the good and the bad? What will be the effects on society, if the bad things are shown? Yes, that is the bitter truth, but can it be shown?
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    Yes bio pics can create good difference on the box office, provided the character chosen is known and popular, the actor chosen must do justice to the role, the story line must be truthful and finally it must be made with cinematic angle and not on serious note. The latest movie on Savitri as bio pic named Mahanati in Telugu did glorify the role of great actress and the heroine Kirti Suresh lovely suited to the role. But what I disliked was portraying Gemini Ganesan character in bad light and other characters who are also living as on today was not at mentioned. So what is the use of such bio-pics.
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    Biopics are the order of the day. Mahanati, a biopic based on the life of Savitri made a good record in Telugu industry. A biopic of YSRajasekhara Reddy is in production. Mummutti is playing the lead role I heard. The biopic of NTR, the Legend of Telugus is in making. His son NBK is acting his father's role. AP CM Babu's role is being played by Rana. When Babu revolted against NTR, many MLAs supported Babu and he became the CM. Now how this real story will be shown on the screen is the question. Because CM Babu's son is the son-in-law of NBK. So he will definitely take this movie for his election campaign and as such how the picture is going to change history we have to wait and see.
    Definitely, many more biopics are in the offing. But how many of them will be made without changing the facts is the question going around in the public. But the biopics are going to make the difference in Telugu industry also.

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    It depends on the producer and director of the films. It requires courage to project the negative aspects of the personalities. Further, it is upto the courageous censor board to approve such films in its original form. There will be objections from many quarters, especially if the film is about political leaders of the past and present. However, facts should be shown as facts whether it is accepted by the society or not.
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