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    Rain and seas: is the ecological balance built on it?

    There is a big discussion about the need to have various check dams to collect all rain water, most of which drains into the sea. In Kerala, one understands that this is what has happens.

    In Tamil Nadu, the gross mismanagement of rain water is there for all to see. A huge amount of rain water goes to the sea. Yet, there is some counter argument. The excess of salt in the seas will become very bad and the fishes will die if the rain water does not collect there. So, like what is going on in the Gulf, so goes the expert opinion, get a huge number of desalination plants in place and solve the water problem. Eminent economists like Dr Subramaniam Swamy have been talking about this for a very long time.

    Which is correct? Will the ecological balance depend only on rain water going to sea? At least part of it? Do fishes also survive only because rain water gets mixed with sea water? Members who know the technical side of this may please respond.
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    The salt content in the sea water will be high and it is not useful for any purpose. There are different types of fishes. Some of them will survive in salt water and some will survive in fresh water. In addition to that the temperature of the water, the flow of water and the depth of the water will also decide the chances of fishes survival in the sea water. So a general statement can't be made based on the technical aspects. There are some fishes which can survive in wide ranges of salinity. These fishes can survive both in freshwater as well as in sea water also. So we can't infer that fishes can survive in seawater only if rainwater goes into it. There are many factors which make the ecological imbalance and in that the rainwater not going to the sea may be one. Different people will come out with different theories but the theories are specific to the conditions what they have mentioned and generalisation and pinpointing one reason for ecological imbalance may not be possible,
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    Nature has its own balance in maintaining weather, supply of water in the sea and in many more aspects. So far as the salinity of sea - water is concerned, it remains more or less constant and the creatures living beneath the sea - water don't suffer from the compromising immunity due to enormous salt in the salt and hence we can conclude that survival factor of any creature depends upon many factors such as their immunity - system, ability to tolerate temperature- fluctuations and their biological - cells etc.
    Survival rate of fishes is not affected by the salty composition of water but we need to study such genes closely regarding its behaviour with the medium where they exist. Zoologists can better explain their surviving charecterestics in varying mediums.

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    The ecological balance of Earth is a complex matter as there are many things which control it and many other things which affect it.

    The ice deposited on hills and ice deposited in North and South poles, the oceans, rains, the climatic conditions etc are all the factors which determine and decide the ecological balance of Earth.

    A large part of the rain water goes to seas. Very little is absorbed and retained in Earth. Whatever retained, out of that a major portion comes out as spring waters and again goes to rivers and ultimately to oceans.

    The water retained in dams and ponds is the only storage available with us which is to be managed for drinking and other purposes throughout the year.

    The ecology of Earth is to be seen in totality considering various factors and not the one or two apparent ones. The climate is the outcome of natural processes at a macro level and local perturbations have not much linkage with it.

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    We all should know that rain doesn't shower only over the land but also over the seas and oceans. The amount showered would be much more than showered over the land. We cannot agree with economists like Dr. subramanyam swamy's thinking. Check dams are a must to store water for irrigation and to have enough ground water for drinking purpose. Tamilnadu and Kerala should take initiative to construct as many check dams as possible.
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    Every animal, insect, human beings, every plant and tree species and every geographical feature and geographical phenomenon play a very important role to maintain the ecological balance of this world. So we have to very careful not to disturb the ecological balance of the world because we (the human beings) are the only culprits to disturb it.
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    One must expressly understand that rain water is provided to us by the nature, for the benefit of the mankind and animal kingdom. In fact it is the purest form of drinking water with rich natural ingredients and must for the human being and animals. But we are not recognizing the importance of it and therefore allowing the rain water to the storm water drain and later to the river or sea. On the contrary the river gets too much inflow and tries to occupy what ever space it gets and we the human being has encroached even the river path and thus urban floods are regularly occurring across the country. That is the reason being so even before Monsoon was predicted the Telangana government under Mission Katatiya scheme has dug up new lakes, extended capacity of existing lakes and tried to store as much water as possible for future use and we are very successful this time and there would be no drinking water and irrigation water shortage the whole year.
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    We should know the famous second largest arch dam at Idukki in Kerala is not used for Irrigation or for drinking water purpose. It is solely to generate electricity for Kerala state. The dam stretches to a length of 25 KMs and can store 70 TMC water. The power is generated at Moolamattam which is located 45 Km away from Idukki.
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    Have you ever have wondered of about how the remotest corner of the land receives the rain? It's mainly because of the creation of high pressure areas & low pressures areas & this creation of the pressure areas is resulting due to shifting of Sun to the other hemisphere.

    It would be easy to understand that wherein the rays of the sun are pouring directly would be hot letting the air expand & at the same time moving upwards because due to expansion the air gets lighter. This whole results in the empty space at the bottom or at the ground level. This empty space gets filled-up or gets replaced with the air resulting from the high pressure areas. And so basically the air moves from the high pressure areas to the low pressure areas. Being this in the normal course allows good weather but if being different then this leads to expansion or contractions of the seasons. These variations in shifting of seasons results into untimely weather & sometimes worse as we have evident during Kerala floods. The vegetation of any areas are also plays an important role as this helps in maintaining the temperatures & so more interference with it will lead to consecutive consequences.

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