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    Some sort of joint family, this!!

    Very recently, I happened to catch up with a friend whom I did not meet for at least 36 months, for whatever reason. Somehow it did not happen. The occasion happened to be the birthday of his grandson. The fairly large sized apartment in T. Nagar, the commercial hub was bustling with people. On quizzing the relatives introduced to me, I got to know that at least seven of them-- all brothers and cousins -- lived in the same apartment complex. Each of them related to the other so well. There was happiness all around.

    Friendly chiding was a huge plus for the jokes. A person almost sixty years old, was examining the whats up messages and remarking that the young man had no girl friends!! As this fun and jokes and caring and sharing was stunning.

    I left a big sadness and a bit of jealousy in me. Our families are in different cities. We never get to meet them, except for a short while in weddings or when a death happens.

    Is this practice not worth emulating? Such a lovely family, all of them so near within the same complex?
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    We all part ourselves from our parents after marriage either self induced or induced by spouse. In young blood we do not know the pain of loneliness but once got grown we start feeling loneliness and seekers of any sort of help. I met one aged lady at the entrance of a well known hospital with crying face. I was told on enquiry that her husband,because of his huge wealth,didn't allowed any single relative of both sides. As both her two sons held up in foreign country and this man Lief in ICU due to heart attack. She was blinking at the entrance of ICU without any help.
    This is a small incident but everywhere we can see the victims.

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    We may be parting away from our parents because of jobs in different places and we may be missing each other. So all the brothers and sisters of a family should have a point to meet at least two or three times in a year so that they will have a happy feeling. We can't expect all the sons and daughters of a couple to stay in the same place as their careers may be different and they may be getting jobs in different places. This can't be called as leaving the parents. The Parents are not ready to leave the native village. Whatever may be the reason we are all missing the combined family advantage. But the concept of all the relatives staying in the same complex is a good idea. We are five brothers. All of us purchased plots in the same place. We are thinking of making houses there and settling there after the retirement from the jobs.
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    Rao Sir please do it immediately. Food and material goods are just a small part of life. The fact is each fellow in this case is a doctor or chartered accountant or a MBA graduate from IIM so fabulously employed in Chennai. Everything is not based on money. Caring and sharing is a huge aspect of life. It was really surprising all the wives relate to each other as if they were sisters. The elders joined all the fun too. The birthday itself was traditionally celebrated. The happiness just stumped. Being together in a huge metro in the heart of the city is another huge plus. I would strongly recommend getting this done as fast as possible. You will experience absolute happiness.

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    Joint family has it's advantage especially sharing the joy as well as grief. It is a place of coexistence and people learn a lot of patience and tolerance out of it

    Today the modernisation has taken a toll on joint family as every one is talking of personal space and everyone has a reluctance in sharing the routine household jobs.

    The families have disintegrated and people have confined to nuclear families. It is really a pity that they are not even able to run the nuclear families calmly and happily. This is the curse of the modern age on us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes joint family system is still prevalent in many places across the country and even in Hyderabad one famous jewelry group stays joint and I have seen there is a big dining hall to seat 42 people at a time to have lunch or dinner. They are so cordial and caring with each other that every one would reach from different locations of the city and have lunch at a time and discuss issues. Just imagine, if all the heads of the family gather at one place, decision making on important issues would be instant. And though children would have dinner with the elders, that was a good feeling to see the entire Khandhan at one place.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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