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    Let one rupee cess on petrol be collected across the country and that would tie down Kerala wants.

    Though people from all walks of life are donating their mite to the Kerala relief fund, but what I feel that the actual requirement of 20,000 crore which was estimate made by the state government of Kerala cannot be met. Why because at the most the contributions may total to 2000 to 3000 crores and the shortage remains. And the central assistance wont come that fast. So to immediately address the need, the center can impose a cess of rupee one on petrol every liter and that would go to the relief fund. That way everyone of the country contributes to a cause without murmuring.
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    There are various means and methods to collect money to help the Keralites officially. The fuel price can be increased to one or two rupees, and the train and bus fares can be hiked for few months. I do not think, people would object to this fund collection. Also, Modi has said that he has brought back black money in too many lac crores. A great sum can be donated from that money Where there is a will, there is always a way.
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    Why always we think of collecting money from the common man only. Why not the VIPs make good donations for the noble cause. There are more than 4000 MLAs in India and around 800 MPs. All these people are getting huge money in the form of their monthly salaries. Why can't they donate one month salary for the rehabilitation of these flood-hit people and state? Why no one proposes this and why no MLA or no MP make an announcement to this effect. They will not have any problem even though they are not getting the salary for a month. Instead of that, we talk about increasing the cost of ration rice and cess on petrol and diesel. so on and so forth. Let PM and CMs of all states take a decision in this aspect and the amount will be useful for saving the victims. We can't make other poor people suffer for saving the victims.
    There may be many ways and means to the government to collect money from the common public. They are experts in that. But they will never take out a single rupee from their pockets.

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    Because common man has the feeling and wants to help others in distress where as the VIP's would find excuse to get rid of helping.
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    This will set wrong precedent. Everyone pay huge tax either direct or indirect. These kind of disasters can be managed if State and Central governments functions effectively. Get tax payers money from Mallaya and Nirav modi kind of people before get it from common man. If I remember correctly, already certain amount of tax goes towards National Disaster Response Fund. This is nothing against Kerala but common man should not be used as cash cow for each and everything.

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    Natural disaster doesn't occur every day or week or month or year. It is a rare occasion. Kerala has witnessed such a flood after 94 years. Small drops makes a big ocean. The loss of one or two rupee by a common man will not be felt and will not affect their life seriously. I would call it as a help in very very small installments. The sum collected from the MPs and MLAs or VIPs in a month cannot match with the huge sum collected on a single day from the entire public of India.
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    Already most of the people are donating from their pockets and doing their service. So again asking them to pay permanently by a form tax is not correct. As mentioned in #646196 we are permanently paying some tax towards disaster management and that amount can be utilised for the present requirement. As an Individual I have no objection to this proposal but when we think about the other low salaried employees I feel it will be a burden to them. These disasters are temporary and permanently we are paying some amount for disaster management.
    My question is why MPs and MLAs can't pay donations for these victims? Is there any announcement from any of these people regarding the help they are rendering. These are not against Kerala but it is my general feeling.

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    Dr. Rao,
    While our own ISCians don't come forward to give the details of the help rendered or assistance provided, how do you expect our MPs and MLAs to come forward and drumbeat their activities towards flood relief. They must be doing it behind the screen which you and me won't know.

    Tell me sincerely. ISC has many lac registered members. Few hundred active members. What would be the percentage of members who helped Kerala by way of donation of cash or meterial? Supposing, ISC has collected Rs. 100/- from each active member, it would have amounted to Rs. 10,000/- . Similarly, imagine the population of India which is 130 + crores. What could be the percentage of sincere donors to Kerala flood relief fund? If each and every individual donates a minimum sum of Rs. 100/- , it would fetch Rs. 13000 crores. This can be only be on papers, but not in reality. Therefore, compulsion is necessary.

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    There exists Contingency Fund of India and all the states. Why they are not using that amount for such type of disasters? The contingency fund comes from tax payers money only. They can increase the amount of Contingency fund so as to combat huge disasters like Kerala floods. When Government of India is giving a paltry 600 crores for such a huge disaster, why should people bear the burden by paying extra cess. If people bear all the Government expenses and calamity expenses, what is the need of a Government then. Government is not leaving any opportunity to levy tax on people.

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