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    Will Modicare work successfully?

    The BJP has rolled out a very ambitious health care scheme. Most features are very confusing. How would the beneficiaries be identified?

    How will the scheme work? Till this minute the various articles or news items are very vague.

    Will this work? Modicare will bring a big number of votes to the party, only if it works. The Congress think tank will be very busy finding out all loopholes on why it may not work at all.

    What is the reality? Members who have understood the fine print, may please clarify.
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    The eligibility details are not very clear so far. But in one of the speeches by the finance minister, it was mentioned that this scheme will benefit the poor. So this may be for the low-income group. A dedicated website will be opened for this scheme. The eligible candidates have to make their applications through this website. This will be easy for both the applicants as well as the processing officials. Somewhere I read that the government will identify the people who will be eligible for this scheme and letters will be sent to them and such people can apply for this scheme.
    The hospitals have to apply for empanelment in this scheme and the government will decide on the criteria and do the needful. The persons insured can go to any of these hospitals and can get the treatment. Cashless treatment facility will be there for the patients.

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    I don't know why there should be any doubt about it because of few of the simple reasons that the oppositions are not left with any of the major issues to debate on with. For the BJP has rolled out a very ambitious health care scheme, not even a single political party has gone against with this bill with only the debatable matter of arrangement of funds. But the PM Modi has it's ways on introducing & implementing the things & so let's wait & at the same time do not politicize the matter.

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    About, "How would the beneficiaries be identified? ", this has got to do with the population which is living under poverty line & hope so that this job of identifying the right recipient has already begun & soon we will be seeing the reality. This is going to be the cashless transaction & so there would be fewer chances of influencing the bad practices. Hope so that this is going to be the biggest of the health care schemes so far by any nation & so we should appreciate it.

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    With the digitization of various data related to Indian citizens, it is now possible to find out who are the people who are poor or below a particular financial level.

    So we can hope that the new healthcare scheme will be able to shortlist the list of beneficiaries by comparing it to their Aadhaar card or other credentials.

    Any scheme is successful if the governance behind it is honest and reasonable. The machinery or Govt office who will be dealing with this project has to be utterly clear and precise about the scheme and it's beneficiaries.

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    Is there any scheme called "Modi Care" introduced by the Government of India? I do not think there is no such scheme. The Prime Minister announced the Ayushman Bharat- National Health Protection Scheme. It is no doubt a good scheme. Already many of the State Governments are implementing such schemes in their respective regions for a long time. The success of the scheme depends on the availability of funds.
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    The name of the scheme is Ayushman Bharat (and not Modicare).

    In India, Health is a subject which comes in the Concurrent List of the Constitution. So, for the complete success of the scheme, the co-operation of all State Governments is absolutely necessary. The Central Government has developed the scheme and has made an initial allocation of fund. At the same time, it must be stated that some states have already declined to join this scheme.

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    Already experts of this field commented, the fund allotted for this scheme in the budget is not even sufficient to pay few thousand rupees monthly for the large number of health centers to be opened to serve lakhs of people in the scheme. Then where will be the funds for medicines, Doctors, modern equipment facilities etc. Experts commented this as farse in the wake of elections. Already in States like A.P. , West Bengal health schemes are running successfully from very long back. Mr.Rajasekhar Reddy of Congress introduced Arogya SREE scheme for poor where patient will be treated in corporate hospitals free of cost for any ailment which cost even more than 2 lakhs freely. The same scheme is implemented in the name NTR Arogya seva by Mr. Chandra Babu at present. Along with poor Mr.Babu introduced middle class people into scheme by health insurance scheme by paying Rs1200 for each family member in an year. Cashless treatment will be provided in corporate hospitals to the extent of Rs.3 Lakhs.

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    The expenditure incurred in premium payment in Ayushman Bharat Scheme will be shared between Central and State Governments in the specified ratio as per Ministry of Finance guidelines in vogue. The total expenditure will depend on actual market-determined premium paid in States/ UTs where Ayushman Bharat - National Health Protection Mission will be implemented through insurance companies. In States/ UTs where the scheme will be implemented in Trust/ Society mode, the central share of funds will be provided based on actual expenditure or premium ceiling (whichever is lower) in the pre-determined ratio.
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    Since it is in inception stage. there may not be details available to us. But it seems to be big scheme on the lines of CGHS and ESI which are there for working people and pensioners. but the Modi government through Ayushman Bharath wants to bring affordable health care to all at the super specialty hospitals. That means it is not a free medical care as envisaged in CGHS and ESI, but a normal fee would be collected but the treatment would be of super specialty style. Because government hospitals are not having latest technology and private hospitals were not allowing the poor and thus this scheme. Some state are ready to foot that charges also.
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    This scheme is purely meant for beggars, daily wage labour, rag pickers, domestic workers, scavangers etc. but common man or middle class people were not included. If you are interested to know some details about the scheme follow the link:-https://m.economictimes.com/wealth/insure/ayushman-bharat-how-to-check-entitlement-and-eligibility/articleshow/65422257.cms

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