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    Do you feel that he is insensitive enough to misunderstand the Indian culture?

    I am referring to the statement of Congress president Rahul Gandhi while speaking at an event in Germany's Hamburg. In what context did Rahul Gandhi referred our country to the ISIS or is a misconception on our end to misunderstand this whole concept? I haven't gone through the whole of his remarks & comments but for sure want to discuss in detail & in pieces so as to get the better idea & clear picture of about what his intentions are & whether we are ready to accept this as it is? Members pl. go ahead & respond with your opinions.
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    Truly speaking, when a leader goes to outside countries and addresses the people there, it is required that he talks about his country as one of the entities in the world developing and making relations with other countries in terms of commercial or political relations.

    There is no point in pulling the legs of other parties of one's own country. Those people are not interested to hear these internal stories. They are only interested in the policies of our country with their country.

    So what is the point in washing one's dirty linen in public there.

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    When Pandavas were in the Aranyavasa, Duryodhana with his brothers went to the same forest to humiliate the Pandavas. But in the forest, a king fought with him and Duryodhana surrendered to that King. When this incident is witnessed by Bhima and Arjuna, they felt happy. But Dharmaraju called Arjuna and told him to go and rescue the Duryodhana. When Bhima objected for this, Dharamaja told them that for the outside world they are 105 brothers. If there is a problem with outsiders all should fight against them together. But for internal problems, they are 100 and 5. This simple logic is forgotten by Rahul Gandhi. In Germany, the people are not interested in the differences between the different parties in India. But they may be more interested in knowing the actual position of the country and how is the progress. I think this is purely an immature attitude of this Congress President.
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    When a great leader like Rahul Gandhi speaks in a foreign country, he should boast his own country to develop good relationship with that country. He should never speak ill about his country's internal problem. A good leader will never do it. But Rahul Gandhi did it. Because he is an immature leader holding the highest post of an old party of India. I liked the way Yuthistra convinced his brother Bhim in Mahabharatha.
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    Perhaps India is the only country wherein the people live & enjoy but when outside they don't even hesitate to speak filthy things about their own country. This is in true sense is sad but we can't with it.

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    In a nutshell, he is insensitive, ill-informed and totally devoid of any common sense. There is no doubt about it and even the Congress leaders know it very well.
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    Actually for his irresponsible speech in Germany action can be initiated against him for undermining the minority community and siding with terror organisation. What I feel that a special force has been working silently to defame him and that force is inside the Congress. Otherwise, leader of his stature cannot be a scapegoat in the eyes of social media where in he was trolled like anything. But has all rights to protest against him when he comes back to India and he cannot escape giving lame excuses for his speeches.
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    Mr. Mohan is very correct because he might have gone through the comments made by Rahul Gandhi in Germany. I too wish the Government of India to take action against Rahul Gandhi if anything inappropriate is uttered by him on the foreign soil.
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