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    There should not be any free lunch

    In this world there are different financial levels of different people. Some are very rich while some are middle class and unfortunately some are very poor or destitute.

    It is allright to have shelter homes and free ration for the handicapped, blind or other disabled people but it does not make any sense to provide free meals to the simply poor people.

    In some places as a charity people provide free food to the poor who are otherwise physically robust and strong. This free support makes these people lazy and they escape from any work and just pass their time here and there and come back to the free meals place in time for their food.

    I thing we should discontinue such practices as these people will never learn to work hard to earn a livelihood for them.

    What is the opinion of the members on it?
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    Well Annadhan, or offering free food is the noble cause to which many will come forward , because a person can be satisfied with stomach full of food and not with money or material. Coming to the point of persons those who are well off are also eating such free food is something left to their own consciousness or they may have the reason. As some may dress well but they wont have money to eat. And on every Thursdays, most of the Sai Baba temples in Hyderabad are offering free food in the noon as Prasad. Even well off people are eating it. So we cannot discriminate the food and it is for all.
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    In Indian society, feeding people (irrespective of their financial status) is considered a pious act. If we go to any Gurdwara (for example), people have 'langar sewa' irrespective of their status. So, to implement the proposal of the author in India may not be possible.
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    Don't you think about marriages wherein free food is served to the invitees. Is it necessary to offer food for them? One may say that they are returning the sum spent for the feast in the form of some gifts. Many invitees don't gift for the amount they eat. It is said to be a feast in good words. And free feeding in temples for the devotees is known as Annadhan. It is treated as free food provided by the deity of the temple. The rich also consumes it as a prasad offered by God and offers more sum to the deity through the Hundi . Feeding the students in the schools is to ensure that the poor too go to school to get educated.
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    Once in a while, if you give food from your house to the people who are hungry is OK. But daily two times giving food to a particular person who is in good health condition and fit is not desirable. If a newcomer from outside the area comes to our house at lunchtime we should offer him food. That is OK. But who can work and earn his food is not trying to do some work and earn his food but completely depending on the donation from somebody is not to be encouraged, I strongly feel. Annadanam is the best donation, I agree. But Apatradanam (Donation to undeserving people) is never advisable. This is what our Puranas also tell.
    Giving food at the time of functions in the house is not a danam. It is a celebration and you are inviting them for a particular event and as they have come to you for greeting to you on the occasion you are feeding them. So this is not what the author is talking about.
    A healthy person who is able to move and work should earn his food but he can't beg for food. For such people donating food daily is not at all correct. It will make him lazy and he will get accustomed to free food.

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    What is offered is temples is totally different. Except for the very lazy, most people do not go there. Those who feast on other's money and do no work, are those who should never be encouraged.

    Unfortunately, very corrupt politicians have a big brigade of such horrible characters, who would seem straight from a Bollywood movie. They just hang around and are fed, three times a day. Their only occupation is to shout slogans in favor of the most corrupt politician.

    These fellows should never be encouraged. On the other hand, we also have those who try to cheat others with promises of getting a medical college seat or even a B. Com degree seat in a good college and get away with all this nonsense.

    We should not only identify these characters but also inform the police to go after them.

    Yes, able minded people should never be encouraged to have a free lunch. The author's idea is per se, very good.

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    Being physically robust and strong doesn't mean or prove that they are economically well off & therefore I don't find any reason leading them to get differentiated for free meals distribution. In addition, we don't have the resources to go ahead with many check points here in order to control such entrants or make them stopped. However there are individuals who are drunk & can easily be identified & so they can be asked to leave or instructed to not to join in the future.

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    In the temples and other religious places it is customary to distribute prasadam or food to the devotees irrespective of their being rich or poor. This is an Indian tradition and I do not think that we can stop it.

    It is also very right that we should not give free food to the people who can work and earn their living. By giving food to such people we are creating a bad precedence as these people will never learn to work once they are habitual of getting free meals.

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    Whenever I visit some temple for worship, and if I find no hotel or restaurant there, I do not mind standing in queue to taste the Annadhan offered by someone. I have had food in places like Tirupathi, Tiruchendur, Guruvayur, Kulasekaranpattinam temples where Annadhan is held regularly on daily basis. Also, I give Annadhan to 100 persons on the Poornima (Full moon) day regularly every month in my my village temple. I consider it as a pleasure and service to God by offering food to others.
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