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    Why KCR of TS interested go for early elections for the State?

    CM KCR of Telangana State is poised to go out for early elections in his state. Actually the stipulated time for this State is along with General elections in May. Political experts are giving various views regarding his option for early elections. Even though TRS is the strong contestant in the fray for Assembly but he has to face opposition from Congress, TDP and BJP. If he go with General elections the intensity of election campaign increases from all sides. Due to this the regional development issues may be side tracked which is a disadvantageous for him. In every constituency of TS sizable number of Muslim voters are there who will decide the fate of the contestant. So if he align with BJP in Loksabha elections he may get troubled from these voters. This may affect on the Assembly elections. His ally partner MIM also may not come with him if he align with BJP. If he don't opt for early elections, in the incoming Assembly elections in MP, Rajasthan and Chattisghar Assembly elections the Congress may overtake BJP and Modi's wave may deteriorate which may have an advantage for Congress to fight against TRS if elections for Assembly takes place at usual time. Members what are your other predictions for KCR to move for early elections for Assembly?
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    We must not discuss politics/election-related matters as per the directive/request already issued by the Lead Editor of Forum section. I have already sought clarifications on whether we can discuss state elections. Till such time the clarification is received from the Editorial Board, the issue should not be discussed.
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    But there is no reaction from the Editors. The discussion is allowed or not is confirmed by the Editors in your post. I hope they don't have any objection to discussing the state politics and the regional issues.
    The Congress party in Telangana is getting some better position. The projected development in Telangana is not very visible in the rural areas and smaller towns except in Hyderabad, Warangal, Karimnagar and Nizamabad. As such he has a fear if more time is given the Congress may become further strong and may give a strong fight. That is the real reason for his recommendations for early elections.
    The way how the finances are dealt with by Telangana government is not really good. The government says their revenue is more than the expenditure but debts are increasing. The true picture is not coming out. As already Hyderabad earned a good name before Telangana formation, the advantage is more for Hyderabad and this is making the state rich. Telangana minus Hyderabad is nothing and even after 5 years of TRS rule, there is no improvement in the position of the rural areas.

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