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    Who would you like to go for when offered with “Banana” & “Samosa”?

    Although the Banana carries with more good advantages other than pacifying your stomach during the times you are hungry but the Samosa seems to be winning the match here for most of us. How far the members agree with me here & onto this context?
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    Banana is natural and God made, while Samosa is artificial and Man made. Banana is sweet and Samosa is of garam masala. If it was summer, I would go for Banana and Lassi, and if it was winter, I would go for Samosa and Tea.
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    I would tend to feast only on the samosa. This snack is not only very tasty, but is extremely useful as an evening snack. In fact, it is quite a bit of what might be called a National Dish.

    It is also likely that I would go after the vada pav if I were in Mumbai and the rest of Western India. In the whole of South India, it is still possible to find the bonda and what we call as "bhajji" in addition to the samosa.

    The banana is reserved for the night. Just one every day or once in two days is fine. The green variety is tasty and does have all the vitamins too. Of course, the yellow one is also okay.

    On any given day, my vote would be only for the samosa. Even between the breakfast and the lunch.

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    There are different varieties of Samosa or Samsa. One is with potato stuffed, and the other is with fried onion stuffed. At times, it would upset our stomach and cause stomach disorder. Banana is a no problem dish that is fit for all times. Pazhampuri is one of my favourite dish from Kerala. It is made out of Nethiram Pazham (A thick Banana) with maida and sugar mix. It is the best dish than the Samosa.
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    While Banana can make your stomach feel full even on taking two of them. But by eating more somasas, one would be inviting more troubles for the stomach upset.
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    Banana is a safe food. It makes you get satisfied. Your stomach will be full with a good banana. There will not be any after effects and many doctors recommend this fruit for a healthy life.
    Samosa is an oily food. The quality of oil used to make should be good. Otherwise, the oil is very harmful to the body. The taste may be good but it is not good for health. Especially if we purchase from outside, they use boiled oil again and again, which is very harmful to the health. But the samosa definitely tastes better.
    So My take is banana only. I never prefer oily food and once in a while, a homemade samosa may be OK. But regularly eating samosa made outside is not a good habit. In Hyderabad, there are some shops where you will find good quality Samosas. My both sons prefer this dish but I never enjoy this.

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    Possibly the competition between "Banana" & "Samosa" is getting intense but so far the match seems to be on its way to get draw letting either side to winning.

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    During my childhood days, I used to take bananas during breakfast. In the evening, I used to take samosa (in Bengali, singara) as snacks, that too occasionally. The banana gives us energy because it contains iron. Samosa rejuvenates our taste-buds.
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    It would depend on the time of the day. For instance, I will not eat a samosa for breakfast. I take a banana, with my breakfast, every day. Bananas are a rich source of potassium, a vital mineral, essential for maintaining proper blood pressure. It is also rich in carbohydrates and that is what makes it an energy boosting fruit.

    I love samosas too, and enjoy them as an evening snack, with my cup of coffee. I prefer the samosas prepared in the North, with coarsely pounded masalas, nuts and dry fruit, served with 'khati meethi imli ki chutney and hara dhaniya aur pudinha chutney (sweet & sour tamarind chutney and mint & coriander chutney).

    If I have the option to choose between the two, I would pick the samosa because I eat bananas every day.

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