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    The changing perceptions of the Indian culture. Are we getting more civilized?

    While listening to one of the speakers something clicked my thoughts & the same I intend to share with you here. If we remember than during earlier times we used to write on our entry gate or doors as "Atithi Devo Bhav" or "guest is like a God". The trend changes & we start using as "you are welcome" but now this is quite evident anywhere as "beware of dogs". Don't we feel that we are so lost to the attraction of this world that we have lost the values which had been passed onto us through generations?
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    There many changes over a period. The people are after money. People are not happy with what they have. There is no satisfaction. Everybody wants more and more. If a person comes and sits in our house we feel we are losing our time. Even when we have functions we never like people coming early and staying for more time. The attitude of the people is completely getting changed. These days making food in the house for the family members itself is very difficult. That is why so many curry points and restaurants. In such a situation who will say "Atithi Devo Bhava".
    I don't say we are getting more civilised. I feel we are becoming machines. Yes. The money-earning machines. We are losing the values in this fast world. I don't know where it will stop.

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    Generation to generation, everything changes, the thoughts change, the living style changes, the mentality of people changes. But our culture will remain intact. I think it is about either following or not following. ' Athithi Devo Bhava', will still remain the thought among every Indian, even if they showcase that on their gate doors or not. The thoughts always come from the inside. from one generation to the other, the mindset of human being changes, it is about the feelings that should not change. Those who love the Indian culture and follow this tradition will always maintain these thoughts from older to all their younger generations, this is what my perception is.
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    With time the things change and when the development and modernisation set up with a fast pace, there are change in our culture as well as manners and other social attributes.

    These are natural changes and society gets a new equilibrium where we may perceive it as deterioration in our value system.

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