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    Is Virat Kohli a greater batsman than Sachin?

    With the recent exploits of Virat Kohli in England and his dream run, the question again arises. Is Virat Kohli a better and greater batsman than Sachin Tendulkar. Although, it would not be fair to compare two great players who played in different eras, I strongly feel that Virat is certainly better than Sachin. There are multiple factors contributing to Virat to get points above Sachin. The most important factor is his ability to take up challenges and succeed. We all saw and prayed for Sachin to score, we celebrated his every century, we got emotional when Sachin could not score. Sachin had an emotional connect with the cricket crazy fans of India. With Virat, it is a bit different. You are almost confident when he plays. Be it test cricket, One day or T 20 format, Virat has excelled. There is a certain air of arrogance in Virat's batting which reminds of the great Sir Viv Richards. Also, his ability to score runs during adverse situations like chasing targets is unbelievable. Many fans of Sachin might argue with me on this, however this is a debatable topic. For me, Virat is better than Sachin. With Sachin, we had an emotional connect, while Virat gives us the confidence to succeed.
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    It can't be said right now. We can form our opinion after Virat Kohli plays at least 100 Tests and when he reaches 35 years of age. Now, it is premature to compare Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. We can now say that he is a very good batsman.
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    Sachin has completed his career and he got recognition as a legend batsman. Virat is now in the midst of his career. He has still a long way to go. Is it not too early to say that he is more of a great player than Sachin. The centuries and runs are the points which decide the greatness, still he has to cross the scores of Sachin then only we can say he is better than Sachin. If the technique and coolness are the criteria means Kohli will have to improve in these two points. But no doubt he is a great player and he has every chance to overtake the record set by Sachin in Cricket.
    The present team is completely dependent on Kohli only for getting runs. That should go and if one fails the other should take the charge. That is not seen in the present team. Some good batsmen are the need of the hour. BCCI has to make good efforts to identify and encourage good batsmen.

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    Considerinbg the performance as of now, the Virat Kohli for sure has proven better than the Sachin Tendulkar. Virat is more aggressive in comparison to the Sachin & also the Sachin was never a success being a captain of Indian team & therefore the Virat again proven to be steps ahead than the Sachin Tendulkar. But on the other side the calmness & commitment to win matches is with the Sachin Tendulkar.

    The most important thing is that whenever we found the Sachin Tendulkar batting we had every chances of winning the match but the same is not the case with the Virat Kohli.

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    We cannot compare an aged man with a young man. During Sachin's period, he was great. Now Sachin is taking rest and watching the cricket. It is day of Virat Kohli. We can compare the performances of these two great cricketers only after their retirement from cricket. It is too early to compare and comment the two great cricket giants.
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    What I feel that Sachin was the formidable batsman and faced most fast bowlers across the other opponent team of the world especially the grudging Pakistani team and stood as the winner all time. Cricket is not the game of scoring 100 now and getting out for nothing. Consistency matters and facing the maximum balls from the onslaught of opposite team is closely watched. Sachin has been consistent with his bat and scored many centuries or formidable respectful runs against the front line bowlers , which makes him great of all time and Virat cannot be compared with Sachin expertise.
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    Virat Kohli is definitely a capable person to become a greater batsman than Sachin Tendulkar. One main difference in the era of these two players is during the period of Sachin, T20 was not there much and so the IPLs and Champions League. The shorter format of the game became popular at the later age of Sachin but for Virat, it has come during the active time and I believe its difficult for a batsman to shine in different formats like Test, ODI, T20. Virat has excelled in all three formats and so we can definitely compare him with Sachin. But what I feel is, Virat should maintain this form in the upcoming years only then he will become a greater batsman.

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