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    The reservation system is not good for our society.

    It's a general perception that the "Reservation" should be removed from the society so as to decide the job allocation & admission to the institute on the basis of eligibility criteria instead of the religion or a community that one belongs to. I do agree with this but suppose that I make my stand against to this then what according to you would be the most suited example or instance for showing the ill effect of the reservation system in our society or to the country as a whole?
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    There are many incidents and examples to show that the present reservation system is not good for the society. Even in reserved categories also really deserving people are not getting the benefit. The people who got benefitted only are getting benefitted again and again.
    I know a person from Scheduled Caste who has completed his post graduation and later on completed his PhD on a part-time basis under me while he is working in a private company. He applied for a Lecturer post in a University. He is the most eligible candidate and the post is reserved to SC only. But he couldn't get. But the son of a professor who is working in the University in some other department got the post under SC list. This is the second generation getting the benefit of reservation. Already his father got posting under SC reservation and now son also got benefitted by the reservation system whereas the other person did not get it.
    In this way, there are many examples which will explain the flaws in the present system of reservation on the basis of region and caste.

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    Everybody knows that the reservation system is killing the merits. But another relevant question is whether the reservation system is actually helping the poor of the reserved categories, or not. I think the facility of reservation is being grabbed by a class within the reserved categories. The poor is not being helped by the system. So, reservation on the basis of economic status is the need of the hour. Only today I have read that the Supreme Court has asked the Government how long the present system would continue.
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    The reservation system was introduced as a ladder to give a lift to the lower class people. Now the lower class has overtaken the upper class. They are spread everywhere and have an upper hand. Yet the reservation system is still continuing. We need to put an end to this reservation system, and treat everyone equally without any parity of minority, religion, caste or class. This is time for reservation to get vanished.
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    You know, we know and others know that the so called reservation system is giving anxious moments to the merit candidate who toiled to score good marks and yet wont get any priority in selection, thanks to the reservation quota system in force for many castes and religions. Though the Supreme Court has time and again warned the center and states not to commit any reservations over and above the 50 percent threshold on one side for the general category and all including in the 50 percent in the other category, the successive governments are giving poll promise which seems to be just promise and eventually end with inviting wrath from that sect for not honoring the reservation. For example when 4 percent reservation for Muslims sought to be implemented by then YSR government in AP which was reprimanded by the court. Again TRS government has promised 12 percent which is pending. Whom are these politicians fooling ?
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    There was a time when in our country the lower castes were treated badly and were even humiliated by the upper class.

    When India got independence some leaders thought it prudent to give reservations to lower castes to uplift them. May be they had some political aspect behind that.

    Today the reservation system has overshooted the scheduled boundary and has become a big problem for the Govt itself. Whichever Govt now talks to remove it will get the political disadvantage of not getting votes from this class.

    So everyone knows that reservation should now be removed but who will bell the cat?

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