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    How do all of you react to this ?

    It happened a couple of weeks back. Students of a Primary school were taken to an old age home, a little far of from the school. The inmates were happy to get mixed up with the kids. One of the girls casually met an old woman, who was nobody other than her own grandma. Both were in tears. The girl was not knowing that her grandmother was admitted in an old age home. Her parents were telling her that the grand mother was with their relatives. This unexpected meeting and their reactions took everybody to a helpless situation. This is a social problem faced by nuclear families.
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    I have read this. I feel that the parents of the girl won't have any respect from her. They have demeaned themselves.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    The latest news on this story is that, the incident happened some 11 years back and on the day of International photographic day one person hoisted this photo on the internet and thus the story went viral. All the people are united now and they are staying in one house. So much so that the girl convened a press conference and introduced the grand mother, mother, father and herself testifying that all is well. This is one more case of over reactions from the social media and thus the girl meeting with grand mother for the first time photo moved every one and that really happening.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You are still small & therefore do you have the guts to oppose your parents move? For rest I don't know but for me it's not possible but sure there would be some sort of sourness in the relations then.

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    This is an actual incident happened and known to many people through this social media. But such incidents are many these days. Anyhow in this particular case, the update given by Mohan is very satisfying and it is pleasant to note that the family combined together and they are leading a happy life.
    These days we are hearing many stories wherein the elderly persons are being sent to old age homes as they are not able to take care of them properly in their busy lives. But such people should keep in mind that they will also become old and their children may also behave in the same way as these people. If they keep this in mind no one will dare to send their parents to old age homes. In the old age money is not the criteria but a holding hand and helping voice is the requirement. This should be kept in mind by all the people.

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    The parents have lost their character of being parent and their high reputation the little girl had on them. Once character is lost, everything is lost. The girl won't respect and care them, and might send them to an old age home when they will be old. History repeats.

    A good old story to remember and ponder over.

    Once a King put his father, the old king into prison and was feeding him in a earthen vessel. The very little young prince noticed this cruelty to his grandpa. One day, he went to the prison, took out the earthen vessel and broke it intentionally. Then he cried and reported to his father that the earthen vessel has been broken by his grandpa. The King consoled him and said,"Don't worry son, we will get another earthen vessel for him." But the prince was adamant to have the same vessel. No words could console him. Finally, he said," Dad, I want the same earthen vessel, because I want to feed you in the same earthen vessel when I become a King and when you become old like grandpa and live in jail."

    Members, Remember, History repeats.

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    This is a social problem and it is a product of the changes in the means of living. Earlier, in almost all societies, people were depending on agriculture and were living jointly. That was necessitated for giving better attention to the activities. Now, every person has to work in a place where the job is available. Hence joint stay becomes impossible. This nuclear families come up.

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