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    By being active on Twitter I feel more informed of the latest happenings from the decision spot.

    Really I am enjoying every bit of new information that keeps on pouring in through twitter bits and that is truth as it comes from the happening spot. Like PM Modi familiarizing with latest projects inauguration and its images, his movements through out the day and his statements on various issues, the general news happening around the world and above all the breaking news of Asian Olympics and Indian players performs are coming within seconds of winning and thus I feel I am informed first than all. What is your take.
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    I am not very active on Twitter. I spend a little time on Facebook. I spend more time on ISC after my office work. So I am not fully aware of the happenings on Twitter. But in many news items, they mention that so and so has tweeted like this. from this I understand many people will be spending some time on this Twitter. But whatever is there on Twitter will come immediately on to the other social sites also and so information will be flowing from one place to other. But the reliability and accuracy of this news can't be taken as 100% as much fake news also will be coming on these social sites.
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    I read my Twitter timeline everyday, although I don't write much. Same is true for Facebook also. I basically use Facebook to keep contact with my old friends. I use Facebook in another name and only my close friends know that name. I don't accept new friend requests.

    But I am fairly active in Quora.

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    If you are on twitter and participate in trending topics, surely big wigs come to your fold and their messages keep coming and thus fully kept informed.
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