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    To change my job from one to other in the same Deptt.

    Hello everyone,
    I gave SSC JE 2015 Exam..due to some problems the result was delayed. Then I gave SSC JE 2016
    exam. I cleared both exams and got MES Deptt. I joined my 2015 posting as JE on 21 July. After joining I got second posting ie. 2016 as JE. Now I want to join that posting because of the place which is convenient for me. Is it possible to join there? If so Kindly give suggestions how can I join there. If there is any rules and regulations kindly provide.
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    First of all congrats for getting two two government jobs in secession and you are really lucky. What I feel that , the first job has to be respected as it gave the much required break for your life. Now targeting for the second job just for its additional facilities is some thing amounting to turning greedy. So my advise to you, just continue the present job but do inform the staff about your possible chance of moving to new job, In that way you will be seen with more care and the work wont be allotted that much and probably you would be given the transfer to the required department as sought.
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    Thanks..but I want to know that can I change the job..because some people are saying that , because of same post u can't change. If there is any written rule or how can I change, what's the procedure. Kindly suggest.

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    Yes, you can change the job by submitting technical resignation. If you have signed any bond, then the bond will get transferred. You previous service period (i.e., the present service) will also be counted for pension and other purposes.

    I changed Government jobs four times during my youth. I didn't face any problem because I always intimated my office about my applying for another Government job.

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    I have not intimated the department before applying to second because I have given the exam before joining the job. Now I got the same Deptt ,same post ,same command . Resigning the job means I can't join that Deptt again as higher authorities said, but second one is also in the same deptt ie. Military Engineer Services, but the recruiting authority is SSC. So they are saying u can't resign. But I am thinking that I've given the exam before joining the Deptt. So Do I have rights to join as per govt. Rules or I Can't. I don't know much about Resignation Rules.

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    There will not be any problem. You can submit your resignation mentioning about your new posting in the same department. You will be relieved and you can join in the new job. You will not have any loss. But your date of increment gets changed. The service you have put up so far will be counted for your service and pension but increment may not come after completing one from the date of joining in the present job.
    It is good you got the second posting also and all the best to you.

    always confident

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