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    Are the organic vegetarian food restaurants opening up in other States?

    Apart from the common names like Ragi, one does not really know the other names of so many organic natural food alternatives. Millet is another. However, in Tamil Nadu, we have at least one more fifteen names, for which the English or other language names are difficult to find.

    The fact of the matter is that there are huge health benefits associated with such inputs and there are too many hotels in Chennai, Coimbatore and other big cities of Tamil Nadu.

    Are they opening up in AP, Telengana and other States as well? If yes, Members may please give some details that might be useful to anyone visiting that particular place. For instance, the pappu that is made in Andhra is not only superb, but has so many varieties and one famous one is out of spinash that is also used for preparing pickles. It is called gongura, if I remember it correct.

    Is the organic food revolution for real, or is it just a passing fad?
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    What is your understanding of organic food?

    Is the use of ragi and millets the only equivalent of organic food?

    Gongura is not spinach, it is a green leafy vegetable, with a sour taste.

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    It has become a business on the name of organic food. If the millet, ragi etc could be organic food what about the rice and wheat we eat regularly? Are they not organic food. Organic food is one which is grown naturally without using any fertilizer. I really don't believe and have trust in the restaurants having the title Organic food restaurant. There are varieties of food stuffs available in the markets in packets as organic food packets. Let us not get into this and waste our hard earned money into organic wastes. These days, nothing grows without fertilizers. This will be a man made f(l)ood disaster.
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    The fashion of having organic food is not yet picked up in many area and people are still happy to have normal or spicy food at their favorite joint. But in one of organic joint where in handful of people are present and yet the hotel war running successfully. On inquiry the owner said that online hunger app companies are booking orders for the organic food and they are giving the orders to them and hence instead of serving the real customers on the table , they are serving customers through food app portal and that is fetching. So we can say that a beginning has been made in Hyderabad.
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    In Hyderabad vijayawada highway just after Hyderabad while going to Vijayawada on the left hand side there was a restaurant by name The Village. In that place all organically grown material only will be used. The hotel is being maintained very neatly. The water is being given in clay glasses. These glasses you can carry with you after your use. The quality of these glasses are also good. We have visited twice that place and the glasses we are using for self use from the last four months.
    These days organic food is attaining a very good popularity and people are going for these foods even though they are costly. Many farmers are trying to grow organically and sell them at a higher price. I understand there some such restaurants in Hyderabad where a lot of crowd is getting attracted. Very nicely managed home growing on the top of the house is also on increase in this area. A good development.

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    In Tamilnadu, many hotels have come up with a sign board " Mann Paanai Samayal" means Cooked in Earthen pot. People love to eat all the dishes prepared using earthen vessels. Before invention of the metal vessels for cooking, our ancestors were using only earthen vessels. Now we are going back to get into the past practices.
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