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    What all excuses can be, if one is caught by the TTE for ticketless travel?

    Interestingly, Yesterday, I went to see off my relative girl by Yeshvantpur - Kochuveli Duranto (Fully Air conditioned coaches) Express from KR Puram Railway station. As a disciplined citizen, I always ensure take a platform ticket before I enter the railway platform. Yesterday, I found a large queue awaiting near the ticket counter, and the Automatic Ticket Vending Machine was Out of Order. Since there was some time left for the train to arrive, I went to the other side and fetched a platform ticket for Rs. 10/- and felt relaxed.

    The platform at KR Puram was overcrowded with passengers waiting for Bengaluru - Chennai Brindavan express and Bengaluru - Bengarpet passenger train. After the trains departure, there were few passengers to board the Kochuveli express. The train arrived and left. There were hardly countable number of people on the platform moving here and there.

    When I was leaving the station, I could see a TTE checking the tickets at the entrance. Few were caught and fined. I was safe with my platform ticket.

    Now the question is: What sort of excuses will be given by the people who are caught ticketless on the platform? Also inside the train if caught by the TTE. Please think and post your responses .
    Situation 1. When caught on the platform for not holding a platform ticket.
    Situation 2. When caught inside the train while the train is moving for not holding a journey ticket.

    Also, narrate your experiences if you were caught for ticketless travel, if any.
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    To me, this is a very useful thread. Many of us may experience such a situation. Then what should a person do?

    (a) To tell the truth. In most of the cases, the TC (Ticket Collector; Not the Travelling Ticket Examiner or TTE) will be convinced and he/she will let you go.
    (b) If he/she is not convinced, then hand over a currency note of Rs. 20/-.
    (c) If the platform ticket is lost, then avoid the TC and get out along with the crowd.

    In my next response, I would mention how to tackle with TTE at the time of ticketless traveling.

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    I think no excuse is taken by the TTE at that juncture as the person is erred and not purchased the ticket. Some years back my friend went to Chennai along with family from Hyderabad and the child was above five. I told it is necessary to take ticket for child but my friend wont listen. In the train he managed the TTE and not questioned him. But at the Chennai central outer gate the checking official asked for ticket to the child. My friend pleaded she is just three . But the TTE interviewed the child in such a way as to he asked for which school she is going, name of the friend and which class she is studying. Thus a child wont tell lie and said all the truth and the friend was fined with 500 rupees those days. So what I mean to say that it hardly matters few rupees and we have purchase ticket for all and that includes platform ticket if it matters and there is no excuse.
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    So far I have not travelled or entered the station without a valid ticket. These days in many stations generally TE is not standing at the exist gate. So many people don't bother for platform tickets. That is easily manageable. If necessary person can go out by requesting the TE and purchase the ticket and show it to him.
    Coming to travel without a ticket is not a good habit. It is problematic also. Long distance travels are not to be undertaken without a proper ticket. If for any reason you are forced to travel without a valid ticket, it is better to meet the TTE and explain him the urgency and pay the money and get the ticket. Some people may travel without tickets and they will try to avoid TTE by hiding in Toilets. Some people try to manage by giving some money to TTE. All depends mainly on the sincerity of the TTE.

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