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    Honor Killing-A shocking crime that still happens in modern India.

    Really shocked to read a news yesterday about the honor killing of a girl by nearly a dozen members of her family. Which world are we still living in? The members involved also include the girl's mother. That is something which can shake anyone's conscience. In this age when we talk of equality for the girl child, hearing great success stories of girls, girls taking active participation in every walks of life, hearing something like this makes us numb. Are we really developing as a nation or still juggling with the horrors of unholy crimes. Honor killing is a crime. Every girl has the right to choose a partner of her choice once she is matured. I guess its high time the parents realize this and do away with the age old customs and beliefs of caste, creed etc when deciding for a groom for the girl. Honor killing does not kill the person, it kills humanity. No religion teaches honor killing. Its high time the government takes severe action and punishes the culprits to set a precedent that nobody else can even think of committing such a heinous crime. We do not want to hang our heads in shame in modern India hearing such inhumane crime.
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    Very sad over that happenings. Honor killing is worst action taken by those who cannot cope up with their own decision against the consciousness and also fear of facing the society in future. It is a crime which cannot be pardoned and may even set as precedent to others who are not able to take decisions in their favor due to pressure from outside. Life is to life against all odds. By the way people are not that strict and they can always listen to those who can talk sense and put forth their view point in right perspective. If death is the reason , then many problems gets unsolved and would remain a mystery for ever without any solution.
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    The fact that its even happening in cities where people are more educated than the villages or small towns is shocking. We have heard many stories of honor killings in the villages where a khap panchayat used to even pronounce such shocking judgements. Its high time the government and the law takes a strict action against such heinous crimes. We as a nation would be ashamed in international community too if such a news comes out. Its time to wake up.

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    It hurts our feelings when we hear such news. We say we are all well educated and we are civilised we feel. But this type of news will make us to get a doubt on this. Are we really civilised? Even in cities like Hyderabad we hear such news which makes us to worry. These actions are to be condemned by all and the government should make strict rules and see that no one will commit such acts. The punishment for the culprits should be exemplary so that no one will dare committing such acts in their life. Here it is not the place but the mentality of the people is important. In villages also I have seen some people who are more civilised than the people living in cities.
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    You see, it is just sheer escapism, using the word "Honor" and then killing someone. Killing someone (a family member or anyone else) can never be an act of Honor. But people assume unjust responsibilities on themselves and then act with authority & judgment; which is absolute madness.

    We all still have some degree of animal within us; and it's not the Honor but that Animal instinct which demonstrates such violence.

    Those who kill, always have their own justifications; they believe that they have saved their Honor; but its ignorance nothing else.

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