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    Is networking required for individual growth and progress?

    Today the world has become extremely competitive. Jobs are there but aspirants are much more than that. There is abundance of qualified people everywhere. They can not accept menial jobs.

    There are some people who have a strong network with a circle of influential and top persons in society. These people get their things done easily with their connections. There children, even if are mediocre in studies, get appointed in private sector in good positions.

    So networking is an important aspect in today's society. What do you feel about this?
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    Yes I agree to large extent that the more we have contacts with others, the better we get the things done in long run. For example if some body known working in RTA , just imagine how fast the work would be done. Within minutes everything is done and you are freed . But when you does not know anybody, you must either seek the help of a broker or go through the process as mentioned in the notice board. That is the reason being so, rich people get their things done fast. I have seen the registration of properties are done at the home itself as the registrar would oblige to visit the house with all required staff but of course for a price.
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    I fully agree with your thoughts sir, networking and good contacts with people will definitely help in jobs. I have noticed it is all upon the luck factor and people who are there to help you refer. Any approach or reference can help in getting the jobs. This works especially in our country. It's not about the top people only, but the experienced people who can help you get in there. The knowledgeable people and the people with good scores and ranks in their college would be seen struggling with finding work. But others who have contacts and a good network can get their work done.
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    Many people say that networking is important for career growth or career development. But some people who are in creative pursuit, don't feel comfortable with the concept of networking. They firmly believe that they will gain popularity by virtue of their creation, not because of networking.
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    But every work has the relation or the intervention of other persons to whom we may know or may not. If the other person is known, the task would be easy to complete.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Networking is important for career growth and it is also good for business development. It is good for individual development and progress. These days what we have done is not important but how we showcase our achievements is more important. That is why networking is very important. If we have more contacts and if we share our deeds with them and they will also spread these points through word of mouth. That will give the individual a push. The certain senior position will get filled through this networking than giving advertisements in papers and other methods.
    The social sites like Linkedin will help us in getting contacts with many people and we will get the attention of people who are in the business and those contact may help us in getting our works spread.

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