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    Who will make this member to understand ?

    Despite repeated advice and request, A newbie to ISC continues to pull the threads older than 10 days. Within a day, he pulled up 3 such threads. Members too get carried away and makes the mistake of responding to the threads without noticing the date of posting of that thread.

    The newbie is Manish Nanda. I/we hereby request Mr. Manish Nanda to refrain from pulling up the old threads(threads older than 10 days)

    Who will make this member to understand the ISC working?
    Will the concerned member understand and act in future?
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    New members would not be familiar with the rules and at times pull up old threads when the topic is appealing to them. I'm sure many of us would have done it, now after reading this he would be aware of the rules of Forum.

    You could drop a mail to him explaining the forum guidelines regarding threads more than 10 days old. That would be more effective ( in case he does not see this thread).

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    I think, you can send him Personal Message.

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    Many times there were messages and alerts regarding this point. But unfortunately somebody or other will be making the same mistake. We have a discussion regarding this many times. But no concrete step was taken to avoid this mistake by new members.
    We have been advising the new members to see all rules and help points before they start working on this place. But still mistakes are happening. Today I have seen one post of January. As I have seen the date I have not answered the thread. I think in some place this point to be displayed for the convenience of new members. However sending a mail to the individual is one way of alerting the member.

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    Mr. Manish Nanda: Please don't respond to such threads which were initiated more than ten days ago. Why do you want reduction of your hard-earned points?
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    I tried finding the link to Forum's guidelines, where it is mentioned that one cannot post a response to a tread older than 10 day, but couldn't find it.
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    Probably the new member was carried away with the topic raised which was dear to him and hence pulled old threads and answered them unmindful of the posting guidelines which specifies not to pull old threads. Nevertheless this post will send him stern warning to desist from pulling old threads. And advise for the regular members too, please see the date of posting of any thread before answering otherwise your response gets deleted for nothing.
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    Manish Nanda,
    Just Read this thread of ME and understand many things about ISC. At the end, it is said that threads older than 10 days will be locked. But it is not happening. Locking old threads is a mission for which Editors need to work extra hours. However, all the active forum members won't look for older threads.

    You may also follow the advice and requests of our senior and expert ISC members who will guide you on the right path. Please take our words for granted. You may also consider it as an unwritten law that is to be obeyed sincerely.

    We sincerely hope that you will not pull up the threads which are more than ten days old, in future.

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    There are many basic rules and regulations which are supposed to be followed by ISC members.

    Sometimes, new members may not be aware of the exhaustive do's and don'ts of this site. In that case they can go to the help section and find out the basic rules to be followed.

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    I suggest and request ISC Admin to create a new thread titled "Do not pull up ten days older threads" and hang it with a red pin on top of the first page of forum index. Newbies will be attracted to read it, and help them to refrain from pulling up practices.

    Will ISC Admin consider my request?

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