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    Work from Home or Work for Home?

    Many companies give facility of work from home to their employees when needed but at times it often happens that instead of working from home people either misuse it or are distracted by the home environment and get tempted towards helping in household responsibilities while working. When this happens work from home often turns out to be work for home.

    Till the time the employee is very dedicated, sincere and strong in mind there are always chances that work from home gets misused and does not give full productivity. A person working from home sometimes get tempted to help the spouse in household work, go out to fetch grocery, pick up their children from the bus stop, helping their children in their homework, enjoying an afternoon nap etc. When this happens work from home actually loses its true meaning. While working from home it is best to keep the personal things separate from work during office hours. Any personal work should be taken up only during evenings after the office hours.

    If an employer trusts the employee and gives work from home then it should not get misused. Work from home should not be a means to fulfill personal obligations and to avoid taking leaves. It should be the same as working in an office. It is best to take leave if an employee feels that he has some personal work and will not be able to do justice to it.
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    The facility of work from home is intended for this purpose only. Instead of applying leave when they have some household work the employees will opt for this facility. This is a help to the organisation also.while attending domestic works he can attend office work also. In some cases when an employee opts for a leave the employer himself suggests to work from home so that urgent work will not get postponed. Nobody expect 100% work from the employee working from the house. The employee also has to Strain himself for attending both the works .
    Employer will also save on the transportation cost, canteen cost and other infrastructure cost when he is asking an employee to work from home.

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    To me, it is always work for home and not work from home. I never bring official work in my home.
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    The idea of allowing an employee to work from home must have had some benefits for the organizations, otherwise organizations would never have promoted such things.

    It's a mutually beneficial agreement. Organizations retains their valuable employees and employees gets the freedom to work as well manage their families.

    If an employee finds it difficult to work from home, he can always opt for the previous option (work in office). If an employee is not a man of principles & ethics, he is neither going to survive working in office nor from home.

    But in either case, we are working for the home (family).

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    This practice of work from home is applicable only to personnel working in IT field who has a laptop to work. I would say that it is a 50/50 share to work from home, and to work for home. People should be very sincere and dedicated to their work, and should not cheat their organisation who trust you and permit you to work from home.
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    Work from home is an extended facility to the people working in IT organizations. Since it is a kind of virtual work, nobody is aware of the employee is actually working or not, or just enjoying their time at home. While this option is just for emergency purposes and not a regular process for everyone. People will hardly use their time in household work if they are truly dedicated for their office work. There is no doubt that it does impact the productivity. But again this depends upon the employee, how they are dealing with their work.
    Even I have heard the same thing, that it is not possible to work from home because there are lot many distractions, and also since you do not get the proper work environment, it is hard to focus.
    So, it is better to go office and work from home only when needed.

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    A nice thread raised by the author which is critically viewing the status of work from home facility in the corporate world.

    In fact the work environment in these companies is so specific that even by working from home an employee have to be sincere and disciplined otherwise he will start doing mistakes and his performance will be judged deteriorating immediately by the management.

    So, very few people will take that risk of getting distracted themselves to routine household jobs.

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