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    Considering vehicles following ambulance on road

    Yesterday, I was traveling in a city bus by sitting in the seat rear to driver. In a busy road we heard a siren of an ambulance from the backside. Immediately the driver paved some gap on the road and way to the ambulance. A motorbike and a car also came behind the ambulance but the bus driver sullen himself and refused to give way to them. I told the driver that the people in the car and bike might be some relatives or person connected to the patient in the ambulance. By understanding the fact in my words , the driver kept his hand on his forehead and gave way to them by saying.'yes sir ,you may be right'. Many of us thinking that the other vehicles following ambulance might be the persons availing of the ambulance grace.
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    Sometimes it happens. Some people take the advantage and try to go behind the ambulance so that they can avoid traffic problems. It may not be true always but sometimes it happens. I have observed this once or twice. Another such misuse I have noticed is ambulance without a patient also goes fast using hooter as if there is a patient inside. But nobody will be inside. I have observed once and asked my driver not to give way. They started shouting and we have stopped their vehicle before a police in traffic duty. The police has seen inside the vehicle and made them to stop the hooter.. When we experience such incidents we will doubt genuine people also.The advantages given for certain issues shouldn't be misused. Then only people will cooperate with others in times of emergencies . The incident narrated by the author shows his respect for the rules of the land. We should appreciate such people and such actions.
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    Right, often Ambulances use their liberty in an unjust manner.

    When someone's life is at stake, they should jump the traffic lights or honk to get the road clear. But they cannot do it when there is no patient inside. The drivers (of the ambulances) starts believing that it's their right to get the pass even when there is no emergency.

    But that's also true that how would we know about the emergency. The ambulance, although not carrying a patient right now, might be on a run to reach the place where an accident took place just now.

    In case of a doubt, I think we should do what we believe is best for everybody

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    It is always better to clear and give way to the ambulances whether they carry any patient or not. As Manish said, the ambulance could be rushing to reach a spot to pick up someone who need to be taken to a hospital.
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    Sometime the vehicles following the ambulance belong to the relatives of the patient in the ambulance, and most of the time, not. But we have to take a chance on humanitarian grounds and must allow such vehicles following the ambulance to pass early.
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    Normally those who are very near to the patient are in the ambulance would be accompanied inside the vehicle and at least two to three people can be accommodated. But many time we find others coming behind the ambulance as if they have urgent work and wont go through the main traffic. Only few days back two motorcycles were behind the ambulance and the traffic police gave way from the wrong side for the ambulance, and when the motorists also followed the vehicle on the wrong side but the traffic police allowed the ambulance and the motor cycles were stopped and fined.
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