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    What is honour killing and what is mercy killing - Explain

    I know two types of killing a person. One is Mercy killing, and the other is Honour killing. Mercy killing is to kill a person suffering from some illness and their life cannot be saved and guaranteed. It is to help the family from unnecessary spending of their hard earned money to the doctors. Honour killing is to kill a person to keep up the respect and honour of the family by killing a person who dishonoured the family values and traditions and brought disrespect to the family. Am I right?
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    From my knowledge what I understand that honor killing is the agreement reached between the family members and pact is made to die in tandem. Whereas mercy killing is the request made by the patient, unable to bear the pain and anguish of his or her diseases and hence seek for killing through medical process. Both are dangerous precedent as in both the cases the life is sacrificed before the destined time. While the people who are bent upon having the honor killing can be convinced and a path can be created for their living. But for the mercy killing the issue cannot be postponed and has to be dealt with immediately.
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