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    How do your wear your wrist watch?

    This is to discuss about wearing of wrist watches on your wrists. There are two types of wearing wrist watches. One is to wear it inside the wrist( watch facing your body), the other is to wear outside the wrist(watch facing outside). Whether you wear it inside or outside, it has its own advantage and disadvantage.

    How do you wear your wrist watch? What are the advantages and disadvantages as experienced by you?

    Also, in which hand (right or left) you prefer to wear your wrist watch? and why?
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    As far as I am concerned I would wear the wrist watch on the right hand and the dial facing down side. That means when I ride the scooter, the time should not disturb or distract my attention. And that is why one must wear the wrist watch on the right hand because, it will give positive thoughts and you will be regarded as positive person in public. And most of the big people are wearing the watch on the their right wrist only.
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    Mr. SuN: I already raised the same question last year. But unfortunately could not find the thread right now despite serious efforts. There is always a problem with the search tools of this thread. Many Members also participated in the discussion at that time.

    Answering your question, I dont't wear wrist-watches. Earlier when I used to wear it occasionally, I used to tie it on my left wrist. Among the Bengalis, wearing the wristwatch on right hand is looked down upon.

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    I had a habit of wearing the wristwatch during my college time only, and that also used to be on the right hand. With no specific reasons, it is just because we have a habit of looking at our right hand assuming the hand watch, whenever we want to see the time and it just comes up. No logic behind this.
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    Since my high school days when I got my first watch, I am in a habit of wearing it on my left hand and it is facing outward.

    May be because of long time habit, this is the only way I feel comfortable with it.

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    My elder son gifted me a Citizen wrist watch costing around 12000 rupees when he got his first salary. I wear it regularly. I wear it on my left hand. I wear that dial facing downside.
    But these days many people don't use any wrist watch. There is no need. Time will be known from phone more accurately.

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    Dear Members,
    @ I always wear my wrist watch on my left hand only with the watch facing outside/upper side.

    Wrist Watch is not a luxury but a necessity. It is also an ornament that beautifies as person, especially for a gent, watch is a good ornament. What is the use of wearing it inwards or downside? It will give an awkward look and only the strap or chain will be visible to the others. So, according to my understanding, the watch should be worn on the outer side or upper side of the wrist. When you hang your hand down, the watch will touch your dress, and likely to get scratches or damaged. Moreover, it will be a hindrance while working.

    Also, watch is to be worn on the left hand only, because the use of our right hand much more than the left hand. If worn on our right hand, it will be a hindrance while writing, while eating, and while working.

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