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    Why not some incentive for sparing our valuable time and energy at ISC?

    Whenever a contest is announced by ISC, especially a story writing contest, too many members participate and spend their valuable time and energy to create a story by constant thinking, drafting the story, editing it, fairing it out, and submitting it.

    Finally, few members story get selected and prizes awarded. The non winning stories are left in lurch without care. Earlier, ME Vandana used to award some CC (Rs. 10/-) for the efforts put in by the members to create a story. This practice encourages the members to participate in future story writing contests.

    Now, for the recently concluded Friendship story writing contest, other than the winners, the other participants did not get any CC as incentive for their efforts.

    Will ISC Admin look into this?
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    Generally, in the majority of contests, the entries that are not selected for prizes will be awarded some higher points and higher CC. So I think in this contest also they will consider. But we have to see the points in the announcement thread. However, I hope the ISC will consider the request of the author positively. Let us see the response of the concerned authorities.
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    I am also seconding with the author observation and mention of the content. Yes when we participate in the contest, it may not be the up to the mark content to win the prize, but that does not mean we have written inferior quality thread. When one or two responses registered against each post to a contest thread, that itself a indicator that the justice has been done by the member for getting some responses. But for editors they are not seeing these happenings and simply aiming two or three best threads and awarding them best and consolation prizes and close the issue. If this continues, the participators would be reducing in future.
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    Recently there are many a time I have had to point out the fact for those entries which have not won an award. Only after reminding the ME, additional points and cash credits have been awarded to those less fortunate entries.
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    Only crying babies will get their feed. Unfortunately, our mother like ME is missing from the scene. If she was Okay and present, all the story writers who failed to win a prize would have been credited with some good CC, I am sure.

    @ I sincerely hope that she would read this thread after her return and take action to satisfy the non-winning participants by awarding some CC .

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    In the mean time, the editor author of the Friendship story writing contest can also read this thread and put up her views and comments to this thread. Else, some other editors can also come forward to post a response in this thread.
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    Sun, while accepting that you have a point in your requirement, I would like to clarify that awarding enhanced points or cc to non-winning entries in a contest is not a matter of rule. It may be noted that such an action is generally taken only when a specific mention to that effect is made in the announcement thread.

    Moreover, your contention that all the participating entries should be awarded cc or additional points taking into consideration the time and effort that has been put in cannot be agreed to as a matter of prudence (all the participants in a sports meet or for that matter any competitive event are not awarded; it is purely based on performance or merits).

    However, your point will be considered and eligible entries in the contest under reference may be considered for some enhanced points and cc based on merits and adherence to the guidelines as a one time measure after discussion with the team.

    The step is not being taken because the baby cried; we understand that babies do not always cry for their feed alone.

    Members are requested to wait for a final response.

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    Indeed, it is a good response from a responsible editor of ISC. It is a practice of awarding additional points and very little CC to the participants in every story writing contest. Since the contest was announced by an Editor, she has missed it in her announcement thread. The ISC babies cry only for their Cash Credits for their creative work.

    @ Remember, We are not running a race at ISC. We are helping ISC to earn revenue through our writing, and also for ourselves.

    @@ All participants should be given participation allowance,(No DA but PA) a new allowance to be introduced by ISC. It will encourage the members, and more members will participate.

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