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    What is hidden in the secret chambers of Taj Mahal?

    As on date, Taj Mahal is the most famous historical monument of India. Despite the existence of many more grand architectural marvels, almost a crore people visit Taj Mahal every year, both from India and from foreign countries. Some historians say that Taj Mahal had originally been a fort/temple, which was later converted to a tomb.

    Taj Mahal, like any other historic fort, has many secret passages and rooms. There are many rooms in the fort or tomb. The total number of such closed rooms and passages is 1089 (one thousand and eighty-nine)! These are kept closed since the time of Shah Jahan. These doorways have been sealed with brick and lime. There are some beliefs about these hidden doors in Taj Mahal which indicate towards the history of Taj Mahal. Some historians believe that these closed rooms or passages contain the original history of Taj Mahal.

    Can't the Government and ASI take steps to open these closed rooms and passages and throw lights on the origin of Taj? Don't the Indian citizens deserve this?
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    By break opening the closed passages or chambers, Taj Mahal will lose its originality, sanctity, name and fame. After all, it is a grave and a Mahal constructed by Shahjahan in memory of his wife Mumtaj. May be, as a sample test, we can open one or two chambers to know whether something is hidden or not. There is likely chances of Muslims who may object to this sample test. But Modi should be ready to face it.
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    How does it lose its sanctity if we open a closed room? We must make every effort to see/hear/understand/realize the truth. 'Satyamev Jayate' is our motto.
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    What will happen if a devil/demon/ghost comes out of the chamber when we break open the chamber. Who knows, It is possible. Also, I doubt, the chambers might have been closed after dumping all the materials left over as waste, after the construction of Taj Mahal. Why this idea did not struck in the minds of the rulers who ruled India after Sahjahan? This could have been done by the British before our Independence. All missed, and you want BJP to conduct this crucial test.

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    Yes I have also come across this fact that the inside story of Taj Mahal may take to some controversial mentions and thus the people are kept away from those secrets since the past. But if there are doubts and if they seems to be genuine doubts, then there are gadgets which can see through the walls that are sealed and made permanent construction obstructing the access through so many rooms. These gadgets can show the exact things lying on the other side and thus the government can bring white paper on the findings and decide the future course to which there cannot be any opposition.
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    I don't think Taj has any more secrets to offer. The issue of Taj previously being a Shiva temple was successfully debunked by historians. Taj does not have signs of ruins beneath its foundation, showing demolition of any temple.
    To have a treasury inside an already flashy building would be foolish. And we must also not forget that ShahJahan poured out all of his treasure in name of Taj. So if there was any secret treasure inside Taj, Aurangazeb would have seized it long ago. I don't think any other secret other than an immense treasure motivates people better. When there are no signs of such treasure, I believeTaj holds no secrets.

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: Indian history has many more things to offer, even the well-known periods or places. Last month I was doing some study on the lesser-known historical places of Agra, and I was simply amazed. I wrote about some lesser-known but resplendent monuments of Agra in an article.

    Taj has many more things to offer. Taj is the most famous monument, but at the same time, it is the least explored monuments of India.

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    Some secrets are best left alone. In the Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, one of the six vaults is not opened as there is a belief that catastrophes may occur by doing so. Secrecy sustains the interest in the place or object. Better leave them alone.
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    Throughout the ages, Indian sages have taught us to explore the unknown and know the truth. Atish Dipankar Srigyan went to Tibet twice to study Tibetan and Chinese literature and to bring back the knowledge to India. He brought back many books after his first trip and in turn strengthened the Tibetan literature by his own teaching of Indian philosophy. He died during his second trip.

    Al-Biruni came to India to learn Indian science, literature and study Indian philosophy.

    There are many other sages who have been searching for the truth everywhere. They are throwing lights in the darkness of so-called secrets.

    We must not forget the Indian tradition. We must find the secrets hidden in the locked chambers of Taj Mahal.

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    In Ananta Padmanabha Swamy's temple, some of the closed rooms were opened and seen. But only one room is not being opened as there was a mishap when they were trying to open that room.
    Coming to Tajmahal I feel there is no harm if we explore the closed ways also. ASI is exploring many places and trying to make them good site seeing places and tourism spots. Similarly, if the secrets of this Mahal are also explored, there may be further information about Tajmahal and sajahan era may come out. Unlike Padmanabha Swamy temple, this place is not a place of worship. So I think it is a good thing to explore further the historical aspects of this one of the seven wonders of the world. Already this place is attracting many foreigners. Further exploration may attract many people.

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    So, from the responses, we can surmise that many Members are very curious to know the secret(s) kept behind the locked doors of 1089 chambers of Taj Mahal.
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    But my suggestion seems to be missed by the author. Without even digging or doing any destruction work, what is inside could be found through gadgets and that has to be imported.
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    Taj Mahal has its own external and some internal beauty. There may not be any beauty if we break and see the chambers. Sometime it could be more beautiful inside than outside. Who knows !
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    The myth that the Taj Mahal was actually a Siva temple and was later converted by Shah Jahan into a monument for his dear wife must be making the mystery more intriguing. Let those who are interested break the barriers and find out what is inside the sealed chambers. Let the world famous monument be brought down if need be. Let History (?) be cleared for once and for all; we are after all in the process of correcting, rewriting and redefining history.
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    "Let the world famous monument be brought down if need be. "..................... This is a classic example of twisting the view. Salute!
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