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    Why this race for getting limelight and appreciation?

    There are some people who always want to come in limelight and expect appreciation for even smallest of their achievements. For such people sometimes their good work holds no meaning to their own self if they are not able to come to limelight and gather appreciation. Sometimes such people end up doing things, not for their personal satisfaction or learning but just to be in limelight and in good books of others.

    While there are other categories of people who are totally opposite. They dislike limelight and do not always expect appreciation for their good work. For them, their inner satisfaction on achieving something is most important and they always do the things for their own betterment, growth and learning rather than to be in limelight and get appreciation. Such people do things as per their own liking and not for others. They believe that if they have done good appreciation and other things will naturally follow.

    It is true that humans are emotional beings and not robots. So it is quite natural that they will expect some sort of appreciation and limelight for the good work they do. But working solely with the intention of being in limelight and good books of others is never a right thing to do. This attitude sometimes also leads people to do wrong things just to gather limelight and applause.
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    What I feel that small achievements in life goes a long way to pep our working ability and boost further to attempt such tasks which were either too avoided. And by the way what is wrong to highlight the smallest achievement and get applauded by others. That means some progress has been done against the lazy lot present there and thus it s instant energy to boost our ability further. And appreciations wont come from others as it is. They know the problems of achieving even a small progress as they already gone through that phase. So they are ready to acknowledge the achievement. So mention small achievements and get going for big.
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    Self-satisfaction is very important. Then only appreciation and getting limelight to come is my opinion. When we are not happy with what we have done, what is the use of some appreciations from others. These days even for small works also people start highlighting their friend's activities as their friends reciprocate the same about these people's activities also. It is like give and take. But once we review our deeds and if we feel satisfied that will be the real achievement. Other people may like or may not.
    You will choose your way of life, you will plan your works and you will try to achieve as per your wishes. But you will not do the works for other's satisfaction or appreciation. If you are satisfied and others are also happy and they express their happiness then you will feel elated and that is what one should look for.

    always confident

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    To like something or dislike is a human nature. We like those things which satisfies our senses or ego and dislikes those things which doesn't satisfy our senses or ego.

    There is nothing wrong in that as long as one is ready to face the consequences which are associated with all these likes and dislikes.

    Limelight or appreciation is one such thing that satisfies our ego tremendously. In fact, its the food for ego's survival. And unfortunately, ego wants its continuity and therefore prefer life over death, although life and death are one.

    Those who see them as separate, don't see the truth.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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