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    Walking on a treadmill?

    There are many people who prefer to artificially walk on a treadmill in a gym rather than naturally walking or jogging in a park or an open area amongst the greenery and nature. I always wonder what might be the reason such people prefer treadmill over a natural walk. One reason I can think of is that treadmill gives them readings about their speed, distance etc so that they can measure themselves.

    But still, the question continues in my mind, why they prefer to pay for a gym membership to use the treadmill instead of walking or running naturally outdoors? Are there some genuine and good reasons for it? Does the treadmill give some advantages? Or is it just the matter of ones own comfort, preference or status?
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    I do not like people preferring walking on the treadmill for various reasons. That they are not exposing their body to the nature outside as walking on treadmill is the in house exercise and the early morning mist and breeze is totally avoided which is necessary for our body. Secondly the speed of the treadmill is decided and the eyes are on the performance meter which is nothing but distracting the concentration. As the speed is in the operator hand, he or she would willfully keep it slow, to have normal walk exercise on the treadmill. Whereas when we do exercise in the field, there would be variations of our speed based on the walk being done by others. And we are bound to walk fast and get exerted during real time walking where as on treadmill we may stop the machine to some rest now and then and that is nothing but cheating yourself on continued walking and exercise. So I vote for real time walking.
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    Here the output is the major concern. Half an hour tread mill with a little adjustment of height will give you a higher output than half an hour walking. Allotting one hour for walking may be a little difficult but half an hour with treadmill may be a possible proposition. That is why many people prefer tread mill. Initially I used to go out for walking. But I am not able to manage time. Then I purchased a tread mill and I work on that daily for half an hour. But I agree that always going out for walking so that we can enjoy nature and we will be in touch with the society.
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    I think, human being by nature always thinks in terms of results. If one is doing something, he or she would always want to track his or her performance. That's basic human nature.

    Walking in a park doesn't give them that satisfaction of measuring their performance, and that kills the whole joy. However, nowadays, we have those smart watches, who gives you all the details about kilometres covered, calories burnt etc.

    Treadmill in a Gym gives you something extra. You can always flount that information that you are a member of this or that expensive Gym. That in itself gives boast to one's ego.

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    I do both, though I prefer to walk and jog in the open. I usually go to the gym during inclement weather and in the winter months when it gets dark early.

    I am fortunate that I have a place to go for my walks and runs. Walking in the open may not be possible for everyone – where are the open spaces, to enjoy a good run or walk?

    The treadmill is definitely advantageous from the exercise point of view. It allows you to push yourself and get a good workout. You can adjust the speed and incline at which you walk/run for better results. You have a choice of pre-fed programs on the machine for a good interval training routine or you can set your own pace.

    Apart from that, you can track the distance covered, the calories burnt, your heart rate etc.

    I feel motivated seeing others do their routines, in the gym, and always spend some time on the other machines and get a full body workout.

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    It is basically the convenience of indoors that people prefer treadmill. Other advantage are calorie meter etc.

    Another advantage is one can avoid the pollution and dust outdoors.

    Outside walks have their own merits. You walk in open air in parks or road sides and enjoy the changing sights.

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    Except running or jogging or walking, all other physical exercises can be done in a small place where our legs and hands can be stretched. Now people have invented a machine to perform running and walking by standing in place. This is really a development to be accepted and enjoyed. It is good for the people in apartments and do not have a space to run or walk in this congested world.

    My son bought an AFTON health and fitness equipment in the year 2010. It is perfect fit and working, but lying unused since 2012. Now he goes for morning and evening walk regularly.

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