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    What is your Bargain power?

    We all must have bargained while buying things especially from the roadside markets and shops which do not keep the fixed price. In the markets where the bargain is required it is very important for the people to have proper bargaining skills else, they may get cheated.

    During bargaining, it is very important to judge a starting price from where you start your bargain. Some people start at 50% or 75% of the price and others even start from as low as 30% of the price. Plus you also need to be a good speaker and communicator for bargaining and should be able to convince the shopkeeper with your valid points. Everyone has their own style of bargaining and not everyone can be a good bargainer. There are some people who even hate bargaining.

    So do you like to bargain and what is your bargaining style?
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    Well bargaining is the important daily task to which not every one is familiar and often end up paying something more even though they think that they have bargained well. But before bargaining anything, one must understand the basic thing of certain items which cannot be bargained and goes through fixed price tag. Like service charges to certain items where in the rates are fixed and cannot be bargained. And having habituated to people asking for down to the earth price, the street vendors are also escalating the price by double and then coming to their striking range of expectations. The other day a boy was selling a belt of all quality. I know the cost of the belt very well and he was telling 180 per piece. I just told him 75 rupees. He immediately came down to 150 and I wont relent. Then I was about to leave he said 120. So I know he is ready to strike deal. I said 80, he said 100 and at 90 the deal was done.
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    When I first came to Delhi, the senior people staying at the Bengali mess trained me to bargain in the markets of Delhi. They told me to follow a simple rule. If the shop-keeper tells the price of a particular item is x, I should start bargaining at a price of x/5, and ultimately settle at x/2 (maximum). Since then, I have been following this rule and many a time I get benefitted (without considering the time for bargaining). But occasionally it caused me some problems which I must not mention here.
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    Bargaining is required in some places. Especially with roadside vendors and mobile vendors. One day one lady brought fruits in a basket on her head. I was in the house. My wife called her and asked for the price. She told some price. My wife started bargaining from the 1/4th value of what see quoted and finally, the price settled at 1/3 rd of the initial price. I astonished for the way in which the bargaining process went off.
    But I feel too much bargaining is not good. But my wife told me that intentionally these vendors will initially say very high price as if we ask even for 1/2 price also they will have a good margin. Again if she knows this lady will ask for 50% of the initial value, she will say more than double the price. So she says we should start with 1/4th.
    But there are some people who will say the correct price and will not allow any bargain. I think this is a better practice rather than escalating the price and then allow bargaining.

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    Rightly said, proper bargaining definitely need some degree of skills. But above that, one should also be aware of the product's right price, quality, features and profit margin.

    The most important thing is how desperately one needs that product.

    If it's something of real importance and needed urgently, one might agree to pay a little higher price. However, if one has all the time in the world, one can try other vendors as well and can negotiate futher using price comparison technique. That way, one has a fair chance of getting the best deal.

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