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    Yajur Upakarma or renewal of sacred threads is done today. My best wishes to all.

    On every Raksha Bandhan day, the brahmins across the country also celebrate the sacred festival of Yajur Upakarma or Avani Avittam in Tamil which is the day to renew the sacred threads being worn by Brahmin Brahmachiris and Grihastas. In many temples community Upakarma is done where in children who has the sacred thread would also join the elders and to the rituals and that would be feast to watch. And for those who are brahmacharis, a homam is also conducted to ward off evil effects on them. My best wishes to everyone on this great day.
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    I was not fully aware of this tradition. Thanks to Mr. Mohan for informing me about the tradition. Best wishes to the Brahmins who are taking part in the ritual. They must continue showing the light of knowledge to others as per Indian tradition.
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    Today is Sravana Poornima. This day is known in Andhra Pradesh as JANDHYALA POORNIMA. This day all the people who wear Yajyopaveetham (Sacred thread) has to wear a new one and then remove the old one. This festival is not only for Brahmins for also other communities who wear this Yajyopaveetham. This is the tradition existing from long and Rakhi has come later on. Those people who had their Upanayanam over should wear this on all the times. On Sravana Poornima, they have to get changed.
    Today is Rakhi Poornima also. All people will celebrate this festival. In th1980s this tradition of Rakhi was not existing in AP. But slowly this tradition has come to all the places and in AP also has become regular these days.. All RSS people will also celebrate this Rakshabhandan day. They tie rakhi to all other members, friends and relatives today

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    Partha for additional information please note that those who wear the Yagyopaveetham are considered to have licence to marry otherwise girl would not be given.
    K Mohan
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    That is another great information, Mr. Mohan. So, the day is very important for unmarried Brahmin boys (and also for unmarried girls from the community).
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    And those who wear the sacred thread are only authorized to do Pithru karma. And he must have married to do the yearly death day anniversaries or Shraadh we call it.
    K Mohan
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    It is not only the Brahimin, but also all other communities who are authorised to wear the sacred thread. In Tamil we call it as 'Poonool'. Today is the day of Avittam star in the month of Aavani. We call it as 'Aavani Avittam'. This is the day to renew our year old Poonool with the new Poonool. I too belong to a community which wears the sacred thread. Unfortunately, I am in Bengaluru, and not in a position to renew my Poonool. What to do? Anyway, I have told one of my relative to keep a Poonool for me, to be worn when I reach my native village.
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    Sacred thread changing is a big annual ritual in Brahmins and they wear the new thread with spiritual and religious pride.

    Some of the new generation young people do not accept this old tradition and do not wear the thread though even they had been through their yagyopaveet function long back.

    Anyway, these are the things of faith and those who believe in it are only able to perceive the fruits of it.

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