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    What is your opinion on Doklam & he replied as !!!

    For more two years a man kept on criticizing the government for mishandling on the Doklam issues but when asked about how he would have handled it he said that "he don't know the details" & few intellectuals still want him to be the next Prime Minister on India. Its none other than our Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi & this even happened in the international platform.

    Don't we feel that there has to be some limit on the presentation of his intellect?
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    Yes, I have also got the details. First he said that he didn't know about Doklam. Later, after getting briefed by other Congressmen, he stated that Chinese are present at Doklam. It is a partially inaccurate statement, which he didn't bother to elaborate (perhaps he doesn't understand). Doklam is at the tri-junction of borders of China, Bhutan and India. Chinese PLA is present at Chinese side of the border. It has gone back from Indian side and Bhutanese side.

    I am more amused to note how NDTV and other liberal media are twisting his statement in an effort to belittle the present Government. Nobody points out that initially, he said that he didn't know anything about Doklam.

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    When somebody doesn't know the concept, it is better if they keep silent on that subject. But talking something untrue without knowing is not a correct method. That too a person who is at the helm of affairs of a big National Party in India, not knowing about a subject about which he wants to talk is never acceptable. But this leader talks about the actions of the ruling party. There is no sanctity in those remarks. Talking about an issue on an international platform without knowing the issue completely may not be a wise concept. How he dared to talk with half knowledge is still astonishes me. This is not for the first time and repeated many times. Why the party senior leaders are not trying to educate him properly. By any chance, if he becomes a member of the ruling party and goes for a foreign trip how will he manage the situation is a puzzle to me.
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    I feel sorry by seeing the sorry state of affairs as regards to information and the feeds he gets wrongly from his near and dear who are so called intellectuals in the Congress party. Rahul Gandhi was not exposed to politics and after the death of his father he has been pushed to the politics and seems no interest. That forcing him not to learn any thing about India and people. What I feel that he is wrongly fed by the coterie and the blame falls on him. As a opposition leader he has the access to all the information and he can seek within minutes from the authority and then give his opinion.
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    During the Doklam crisis, when the Indian Army and Chinese PLA were in eyeball-to-eyeball condition, he met the Chinese Ambassador secretly which was later disclosed by the Chinese Embassy. He has been issuing regular statements on Doklam and criticizing the Government regularly. Now, when he said that he didn't anything about Doklam, a big question arises on his mental faculty.
    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    I am not in favor or against any leader or political party, as I believe that all are made of the same basic ingredient. They all do good and bad things, they all hide their misdeeds & highlight accomplishments, and they all use media as their spokesperson.

    And the fact of the matter is, we all know or believe only that much, which is being told to us, or has been asked to believe.

    I can see how difficult it is to be a leader of a ruling party or opposition. You always have be on your toes, always updated with everything that is happening in & around the country, should always have an opinion about anything & everything, should maintain a pleasant personality all the time, a smiling face will be an added advantage. There is so much of artificiality in this. Isn't it?

    What we all see is not the truth but just a mask. No doubt, Mr. Gandhi is at the wrong place. He probably knows what is wrong, but doesn't know what is right. But then, is the ruling party doing everything right?

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    #646562, what you have come-up is good enough to understand the basic need of the politics but to your query against of "is the ruling party doing everything right?", I would say that the answer lies in the "intentions". For me the politics should not be so cheap so as to degrade your nation & the people of the country to the lowest of its kind & to create hatred among themselves including the not so good image to the outside world.

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    We all very well know that guy Mr. Rahul Gandhi is an immature politician sitting as president of the good old congress party. If we vote for him and make him PM, we will see India in a bad shape.

    @ Let us ignore that immature leader forever.

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    #646606, the matter lies in the fact that whether this should be allowed to be free at all or should be restricted so as not to create any nuisances in the later stage.

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