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    Editors, try to consider this

    I love ISC for its contests. It encourage members to explore their talents in multiple ways. Also members do active participation and try to give their fullest.

    I always agree to the final decisions of the editorial team. It is understandable that the decisions are not made by a single person but a team. So there could be nothing like bias or chance of misjudgement.

    Though I have participated in limited contests, I have noticed one thing in the winners announcement thread. The editors whoever announced the contests mention, "some has lost their winning opportunity/ not considered for prize due to violation of contest rules". They give the list of mistakes that participants did in general, without mentioning their names. It might be right in order to avoid personal hurt or to avoid unnecessary discussions in giving explanations.

    What I request to the editors is, at least the one who initiated the contest can comment in contest entries in their thread itself. Possible, specify what way the participant went wrong, what improvements can be done or what was expected in his/her post etc. Editors may find it as spoon feeding, but everybody has their own style of explanations, editors can choose their best way to do it.

    Not only suggestions or problems, we, the participants like to know the contest host's view on our submissions. Doing this could really bring in more qualitative responses to any future contests.

    Also, I hope members who participate in any contests, must be sportive enough to take criticism and not to involve in further arguments with editors. When the editors come forward to give explanations, on the reasons for considering/ not considering your submission for top 3, then it should be taken as a lesson to analyse your strengths and weakness. Be positive.

    Editors, please consider this suggestion. ISC is not just for earning, its main goal is to learn as well. So help us in doing it.
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    True. I've seen editors pointing out in GDs the mistakes of participants but never in Creative writing contests. This could be really helpful because many feel disappointed when results comes out and their name isn't among the winners. Your write-up could be amazing but what use is it if it doesn't fit the template of the contest, right? I hope editors would apply this suggestion.
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    I suggested the same thing long back. Even I requested to indicate the mistake to the individual Member by sending individual e-mail, if the team of Editors does not want to declare it openly. But the suggestion/request was not acceded to.

    If we don't understand our mistakes, how can we rectify those?

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    A good suggestion. The same is discussed earlier also many times. But I feel Editors may not get that much time to go and type the problems in the concerned threads. But they are giving general observations which will be helpful to the individuals. They may not talk about specific issues concerned with individuals. But they will give the violations. Anyhow, let us wait for the comments of Editors, Lead Editors and Managing Editor on this subject. Even in many other competitions also they will announce the winners but they will not give the analysis of each and every entry to the competition.
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    I have observed this in TOW awards. A thread which deserved some CC in that week will not be selected for the TOW award or for special prize, but the threads not awarded with any CC will be selected as the best and declared. In that case, why CC was awarded by the editor if it was not the best thread. Different editors and different views.

    It would be nice if the editorial team comment each and every contest entry for their best writing or the worst writing. This will certainly help us to improve our writing.

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    I think that contest entries are about creativity and other than pointing out the flouting of rules, copied content and poor English, the editors should not provide any feedback.

    When I submit a piece, I put across my views, and would not like someone else to tell me what they expected from my entry. That would kill my style of writing. It is not about declining constructive criticism, it's about rejecting another's style of writing. We'd all end up writing in similar styles if we follow advice.

    I am glad you raised this thread and mentioned this – "It is…decisions are not made by a single person but a team".

    The editor's declaration in this thread puts a question mark on this theory. I quote, "It is sad though that I wanted to declare more winners butt few of you couldn't make it as the word count crossed 500." Looks like one person is declaring the winners unless it's an indirect insult to those who won.

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    Surely, the contest winners are not selected by any team of editors, but only by the contest announcer who clearly stated using the word 'I'. "It is sad though that I (Joyshree) wanted to declare more winners...................". This has been clearly brought out by Ms Juana. The cat is out of the bag now.
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    Ms Juana is right that, one cannot give feed back on the content in creative contest, other than the violations. If that can be mentioned, editors should come forward to do it at least. That is what even I mentioned to specify, "what went wrong" in that entry.

    Editor Joyshree mentioned as her own declaration, where as I remember ME mentioning that there was a team in finalizing the winners' list. I could not pick that link. But I remember, it was after the declaration of photo story contest(green bicycle) results. When few were not happy with the results, ME opened a separate thread to discuss the same and she mentioned it there.

    Seems that the contest organizing differs from person to person in ISC.

    Sri Vetri
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    Please do not make the use of 'I' in the particular announcement thread an issue. Just look at it as an oversight or as a result of being used to a normal way of writing. There is a set procedure and other members of the team (may not be all) are always consulted and a final decision is always taken after taking into consideration the different views and opinion.

    In the case of the friendship day contest winners announcement, the editor has made a reference to the general flaws in some entries that had made them ineligible for consideration for a prize. Will have to wait and see how many members keep those in mind when they send their entries to the next contest.

    Srimathi, while your suggestion is appreciated, you must note that we do make it a point to intimate members individually about where they had gone wrong as and when possible and particularly when they repeat the mistakes. Except from a few, we have not been getting totally positive responses or reactions so far.

    I agree with Juana that a critical assessment in a creative contest is likely to affect the creativity of a person and will have a negative impact on the natural flow of words. As for spelling and grammatical mistakes, members who generally make such mistakes tend to repeat the same in contest entries too. But most importantly, what one should keep in mind ( and this has been reiterated time and again) is that they should read the announcement threads properly and follow the guidelines strictly.

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    I think, this is the first time that flaws of a story writing has been brought out and justified as a reason for not getting selected. It was never before. It took four days for the editor to respond to this thread to convince the author and other members.

    @ Of course the word I and We matters lot. No error is expected in using the words I and We, while decision making.

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    "In the case of the friendship day contest winners announcement, the editor has made a reference to the general flaws in some entries that had made them ineligible for consideration for a prize."-------------------Nowadays, I read my entries at least twice before submission to check whether I have satisfied all the conditions mentioned in the announcement thread, or not. This is after I lost a prize when I didn't mention a particular word in the title of the thread as per one of the conditions.

    Even now I haven't understood the deficiencies in my story in the latest friendship contest.

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    Your answer brought a smile to my face.

    Of course, it was an oversight, but it's from someone who cautioned others on their mistakes aka oversights!

    I mentioned that the statement was an insult to the members who were declared the winners.

    "…I wanted to declare more winners butt few of you couldn't make it as the word count crossed 500. Some of them could have made it to thee top prizes."

    Please bear with me as I explain two issues that I find with the statement -

    First, it depreciates the effort of the winners. It appears as though they won because other entries couldn't qualify, as they hadn't followed the rules. So, their win isn't a clear win.

    Second, wanting to announce more winners might sound like the right thing to do – it would have acted as a motivator. However, at the same time does it not deviate from the rules of the contest. As per the rules of the contest, the number of prizes was decided.

    Note: The spelling errors showing in the quoted content, in both my posts, is not my doing. I copied the text and pasted it here.

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    My humble observations:-

    1. " As per the rules of the contest, the number of prizes was decided. "-----------In every contest, the number of prizes is pre-decided. But I have noticed that in almost all contests, more prizes/awards are announced.

    2. "The spelling errors showing in the quoted content...."-------- The spelling errors are too obvious. Most probably these were due to defective key-board (I also make the same mistakes). A senior Member could have overlooked these.

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    #646920 –

    The first point, prizes are always pre-decided and they are always a part of the rules and regulations. What happened in the past is not being discussed here, and in any case, members do not object if the change in the rules favours them.

    The second point, I'll grant the benefit of the doubt and accept that the problem was a defective keyboard. But, don't you think there should have been multiple similar errors if a device is being blamed!

    Then there is Grammarly, which points out minor spelling errors, and it's available for download on this platform. And the human eye, couldn't have missed, what you refer to as "too obvious".

    Senior members are not duty bound to overlook errors. If I remember correctly the ME had advised members to visit their threads and check them for silly errors. I would think that advice should apply to editors too.

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    Juana, my statement was with reference to the use of 'I' instead of 'we' only and not to other mistakes. While I do understand the implications and am not trying to counter your point of view, I hope that you too will accept the possibilities of oversight at times (no intention at all to justify what has occurred) just as we do in the case of members most of the time.

    Coming to the spelling mistakes in the announcement thread, we accept that it should not have happened.

    And regarding the wording in the announcement thread, I think we can interpret the same in different ways. 'I wanted to declare more winners.....', give the stress on 'more'; it does not then indicate that they could have replaced the winners already announced.

    And coming to the number of prizes, giving away more prizes than initially announced depending on the number of entries or the quality of entries has been done on earlier occasions too even when the same was not mentioned as part of the announcement thread. However, if you say that we need to be specific with every point (although most of our experienced members are generally aware of the rules and procedures that is followed in contests), we will surely consider the same and put it into practice as much as possible.

    In case you find my stand acceptable, I am of the view that we can do away with further discussions on this particular point and revert back to the main thread.

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    The "…could have made it to thee top prizes" gives a different meaning, yet I'll buy your argument because I really hadn't wanted the discussion stretched either.

    Don't put into practice being "specific with every point" because I think it needs to be done. Most experienced members may be aware of the rules and procedures followed in the contests, but contests are open to everyone and not just to the "experienced members".

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    A grave mistake has been committed by the ISC editor(s) in deciding the winners in friendship contest. A mistake in judgement; a mistake in using the pronoun I and WE; spelling mistakes; justifying the mistakes; sticking to their stand; etc has been seen much in the friendship contest.

    @ ISC should ensure that it doesn't get repeated in future and get the wrath of the members.

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    Although the matter has been clarified & I too agree of the fact that, "a critical assessment in a creative contest is likely to affect the creativity of a person and will have a negative impact on the natural flow of words". The forum is not limited to any thumb rule & as the members are matured enough to understand & learn will surely lead to more understanding of the terms & conditions in the coming times. This all is quite natural that if the things are new to us we need some time to get adjusted & getting worrisome is no solution to it.

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    Thank you Saji Sir for being a representative of editorial team and responding to my suggestion. I agree to the point that, we get notified for our repetitive mistakes. I, myself was notified about my repetitive mistakes that I was doing in article section. Also, you notified me about my usage of regional language(the word Aiya) in forum section, for which I gave explanation too.

    I understand that it is a moderated site, so, editors are also go through each comments and observe everything. Glade that they help in avoiding mistakes. My concern is that, it was not shown in contests. That is why I suggested that, editors can post comments(especially the violations) in concern thread itself. Of course, poor quality, punctuation errors, these can be messaged separately, because, the members need to take care of it in all other postings too. So, these errors are not just restricted to contests.

    As you mentioned, the team might not receive positive responses from everyone, but few are ready to take criticism and learn from the journey of ISC, and the team should try to consider this suggestion for them.
    If editors started doing it as a part of their contest norms, then it became the routine of ISC contests, and members too will accept without hesitations.
    I have already agreed to Juana's point and replied my views on it(#64687429).

    Sri Vetri
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    Srimathi, the points discussed in this thread will be considered and the needful will be done to the maximum extent possible.
    I am locking this thread now with your permission.

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